1. D

    Is it possible to change the textures of the coaches' clothes in career mode?

    Hello everyone, I would like to know if it is possible to change the textures of the clothes that you get in the career mode menus, because using the live editor and the FET I can't find the IDs to be able to visualize the models and textures. Thanks
  2. Dmitri

    OTools - import/export O/FSH files

    Otools is a tool for importing/exporting EA model format (.o). O is a file extension in EA Sports games which is used for model and animation files. The file may contain model data, skeleton information, animations, rendering information and shaders. O files were used mostly in games developed...
  3. Dmitri

    RX3 file format research thread

    Continuing my research on FIFA04-FIFA10 .o models, I will make some notes on FIFA11-FIFA16 .rx3 files. RX3 general file structure The file starts with a header: struct Rx3Header { // sizeof() = 16 bytes char rx3id[3]; // "RX3" char endian; // 'b' - big-endian, 'l' - little-endian...