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  1. Emran_Ahmed

    Emran's Random Adboards (National Team+Clubs)

    Hi, I am not a regular adboard maker. but, because I enjoy modding, I have made some adboards in my spare time. And my adboards won't be that good as the other adboard makers in this community but I tried my best. Hope you will like it... Here are all of 'em Polish League : 3.Liga : Copa...
  2. Davi360

    Blank Player Names in Fifa 14

    First of all you want to apologize if there is a similar topic, but I haven't found it. I have FIFA 14 with the Mod Infinity Patch. I am Brazilian and wanted to play the updated Brazilian Championship 2020, but in this case the mod was not very well updated. So I used CM 14 and updated...
  3. R

    Ansu Fati FIFA14

    This is a face that I did a few months ago but I did not upload due to lack of time, I hope it is to your liking. Download Link:
  4. G

    HELP NEEDED with youth academy. May update not working.

    Downloaded the Fifa 14 (Fifa 19 Edition) a few days back and started playing manager career mode. Everything works well except come May 1st, my youth squad does not get updated with increased overalls. I have 10+ youth players with potential between 82-94, but their overalls are garbage (ranging...
  5. somuchbetter

    A specific request in db master

    Hi guys, I am trying to update all the rosters from a national team mod database on creation master and db master. But, instead of creating an entire new player, I want to re-name some players who don't get called up to the national team anymore with players that currently play. A lot of...
  6. Dmitri

    FIFA 14: Cyberface anatomy

    Files In FIFA 14, we have these RX3 files for custom cyberfaces (* - player ID): head_*_0.rx3 - the head model, shader "head" hair_*_0_0.rx3 - hair high-detail model, shaders "player_hair_kk_alphaA" (hair cap), "player_hair_kk_alphaB" (hair strand) hairlod_*_0_0.rx3 - hair low-detail model...
  7. 127


  8. ladiyaffe

    Watney's Kits

    Aloha guys! Here I begin to draw the most relevant forms for the teams of the football simulator of the FIFA series. P.S. I authorize the use of all my work in your mods!
  9. 127

    Kitnumbers club/team 2020-21 [127]

    Sao Paulo FC DOWNLOAD
  10. 127

    Fifa 14 theme by ILNUR127 season 2019-20

    Fifa 14 theme by ILNUR127 season 2019-20 in purple tones DOWNLOAD
  11. B


    Guys a lot of the stadiums in career mode turn out to be an all black of nothingness. there's no grass or crowds or stands or anything. players and the ball are there but it's weird. i dont know if its because of one of the mods i installed but is there a way to fix this?
  12. FlavinhoFacemaker

    Faces by Flavinho

    Hey guys, my faces will be posted here. Enjoy. Cheers! HERE
  13. S

    FIFA 14 rx3 files from CM15 pls :)

    Hello, I'm working on a CM15 patch converting fifa 15 to a 2007-08 database with all the kits etc. would someone please be so kind as to attach rx3 files from fifa 14 of the following players please? Luke Young Jermaine Jenas Emile Heskey Fernando Torres Alexandre Pato Elano Robinho Daniel van...
  14. Ferpock


    Pulisic Tattoo:) Link:
  15. Harry BullZak

    FIFA Infinity Patch 14 (HBZ Mod 19/20 Edition)

    FIFA Infinity Patch 14 v2.0 - v2.20 NOW AVAILABLE (FIP 14/HBZ Mod - 19/20 Edition) Updates on status are posted here FEATURES: CONVERTED FROM FIFA 20 -All leagues and teams including Brasileirão, Chinese Super League, German 3. Liga, Japanese J1 and Romanian Liga I. -Rosters (from December...
  16. G

    [Fifa 14 Intro] 18-19 Premier League file

    I don't have copyrights of Original Vides, so I will attach youtube address. Patch includes only Fifa intro file. Download :!TVomVa5L!_PQx5RQZUPwrEVF1cVZ05ZaTPr58gvfxNcWXOOb7Y1E Before you install this, please back up the original file. Copy and Paste...
  17. A

    Kits of season 18/19 for FIFA 15

    Can somebody please provide season 18/19 kits for FIFA 15? I really want it. The season is about to get over but nobody has made it yet for 15. And those kits must have proper number font style and colour. Please. For FIFA 15
  18. 127

    How to add a track to the game?

    How to add a track to the game FIFA 14? There is a file in "ea trax", but they are in the "BIG" format, how to add new tracks there or how to replace old ones with new ones? There is an option with "Windows Media Player", but I would like not to consider this option, but consider changing the...
  19. jose queen

    Face Lucas Pratto

    Hello community, sorry for the inconvenience. someone would be so kind to make the face of lucas pratto? I tried to do it but it failed, the model of the head looks thin. (Texture by Murilocrs)
  20. DejanBN

    My Converted stadiums

    Hi, people, I'm new to this. I've converted the Aris stadium from PES 6 and I plan to do all Greek stadiums, but without the crowd / audience / fans. So, If someone wants to create the crowd, it would be great. Screenshots: Download Aris stadium Id61...