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    Question of the Week: Sexiest Footballer

    Too late....:)) fillin' guilty to even open this thread and read all posts...
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    FIFA Ballon d’Or 2013

    Falcao should get it.
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    WC Qualifying Play-off

    How much time can Olympiakos still keep Mitroglou?
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    WC Qualifying Play-off

    You're in big trouble if you see Greece as a favourite.Both teams suck big time,but really,are you sure you can handle to see Greece playing in the WC? I'm sure i won't. So sad that one of Portugal and Sweden will not make it to the Wc while this "fabulous encounter" between Romania and Greece...
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    Brazil could play in European Championship

    Mind-blowing !! Btw, the 2038's World cup will take place in South pole. They're also be few changes to the actual format: a] 96 qualified teams instead 24 b] Boreal aurora instead floodlight c] the tournament will be played until one of the following will win the World...
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    The most talented young player

    Rafael Vd Vaart!!:bob: hell ya...
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    Question of the Week: The Euro Expansion in 2016

    ...such as "tricolorii" maybe ??!:browsmiley: Anyway my fair proposal is 48 teams instead 24.This way Malta, San Marino, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Luxemburg will have their chances... It will be such a delight to see a titanic clash in the final group stage at the next Euro 2016 between...
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    Euro 2012 SG Prediction League - Semi Finals

    Wednesday, June 27th Portugal - Spain-0-1 Thursday, June 28th Germany - Italy-2-1
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    FIFA 13 Leagues

    Saudi Arabia in Fifa 13? Why??????
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    Mega patch Actualizacion 2011-2012 fifa 07

    any good news? :)
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    What grounds have you been to?

    white hart lane, san siro, maracana(serbija)
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    My FIFA12 super Lag!!!

    Hy guys! after trying all the solutions posted here(with no success)....i'd developed a new one....returning to fifa 11 . seems to be the most intelligent idea atm;-) cheers
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    The Best Young Talents

    Thiago Alcantara! :)
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    FIFA 12 - Announcement

    In my humble opinion , i think that they (Ea) will want to keep the line.So, fifa 12 pc =fifa 11 Ps3.
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    Fifa 11 adboards by Elendil030.

    Gorgeous adboards like always my friend Elendil!