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    Funny soccer clips

    I think we've all learned a lesson from the fish-man and, thus, won't rise to the bait :browsmiley:
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    Gary Breen

    You people really, really don't get subtle humour do you?
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    Most Hated Club in Europe

    Yeah leaving your favourite club out of it is definitely fair.
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    2010 FIFA World Cup Final: Netherlands v. Spain [P/R]

    I still don't understand why it's considered clever- I don't remember it being particularly crucial a challenge, and surely with something that outrageous, even the reffing-the-final reluctance might have been broken by it, on another day
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    2010 FIFA World Cup Final: Netherlands v. Spain [P/R]

    It's a disgrace then, and the referee should show more steel. Iniesta's diving was pretty "clever" too, then, in that he wasn't caught- both were wrong, even if Iniesta's was slightly justified in light of the lenience shown against Dutch barbarism- but either way, is this the kind of football...
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    The Final Round ?

    Why don't Belgium have a star above their logo then? They won the Olympic Football event in 1920!
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    Football Lookalikes

    I don't know, I think a pony would have a similar defending style, I imagine it too would make mad dashes up the wing which end with a disappointing shot or poor ball in! :innocent_smile_1:
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    WC 2010 QF: Paraguay vs Spain [P + R]

    Interesting. Don't you think, perhaps, that if your entire team was based around the one man, and a defensive midfielder at that, and it comes crumbling to the ground so spectacularly when he leaves, then there is something very much wrong with it, and it is in fact, not a team at all? Also...
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    WC 2010 QF: Paraguay vs Spain [P + R]

    You have some very, very serous issues, don't you, original? It surely cannot be normal to reach those levels of zealous hatred for a footballer, usually reserved for genocidal tyrants and Piers Morgan...
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    WC 2010 QF: Argentina vs Germany [P + R]

    Which supposed witty response explains why you haven't, in fact, reached that level of journalism where said response would be necessary.
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    WC 2010 QF: Uruguay vs Ghana [P + R]

    No thank you. We're all forgetting that this was a split-second "decision", if you could call it that, because really it was more of a reflex. As everyone is saying, he might more easily have headed it out, and not been sent off nor had to risk a penalty. Not really. The ball hadn't...
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    2010 Nike ad: Write the Future

    Let's hope the fact that they were outraged, rather than smugly self-celebratory, will mean that the curse will work in reverse on them!
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    WC Matchday 19: [PAR v JPN] + [ESP v POR]

    Don't FIFA have the resources to put pockets on those referee kits these days?
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    Football Lookalikes

    Oh god, it's an Brazilian identity nightmare!