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    shut up you manc scum
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    FIFA06 - Stadiums

    wembley cardiff city of manchester
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    nobody wants these crappy teams anyway!
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    club teams

    Poland aren't on the game so therefore Dudke isnt present, same with Shevchenko, Ukraine arent on the game. As for Luis Garcia hes only played like one game for Spain so that is why hes not there.
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    Luis Garcia

    could someone post a screenshot of Luis Garcia? Thanks in advance
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    MY review FINALLY and i'm up for any Qs

    how come chester and doncaster are on it??????
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    MY review FINALLY and i'm up for any Qs

    yea, also are there any updated faces in the liverpool team. oh yea i heard theres like 239 teams, is that true if so, where can i find a list?
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    Network game anyone??

    Anyone wanna play a network game? If so reply with your team name. i will be arsenal. Also add me to your MSN, [email protected]
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    i keep on drawing.....HELP!!!

    wen i was playin against Boro i was 2-1 up and switched mentality to normal and formation to 5-4-1 but they still equalised!!
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    i keep on drawing.....HELP!!!

    I am losing leads all the time, in every match i seem to be winning but then the opposition always draws level.
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    My Bolton Game!!

    veron for 800,000 and pires for 1.9mil, dont think so. I detect a bit of cheating.
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    My Main Problems

    try to fit these into your training they really help: overloading(attacking) overloading(defending) shooting(2 or 3 times a week) set pieces(defending) I havent yet conceded off a corner with these tactics and i score plenty of goals.
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    Most Overrated Players and Teams.

    why hasnt anyone mentioned Aston Villa??? They are top in my game while im (liverpool) 7th. Also West Brom are fifth!!!