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    Button Config

    I've just bought a gamepad for making the game better since I've been bored for some time. It's really funny but it doesn't really work as I want it to. Right now I can use it, but not as my first control as pes crashes when I try to enter button configuration in the Options menu. I would...
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    But surely you can do something about it can't you? Because you cane edit pretty much everthing else I'd say But your probably right :(
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    Well here's my problem or question I know the likes of Ronaldinho and C.Ronaldo are able to do the elastico or flip-flap or whatever. But if I wan't to add it to say Torres who's done it in real life how can I do that? Is it even possible? Thx for your time
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    Kitserver 5

    Is valencias color of the text fixed in this new one?
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    My first comp

    It can't be downloaded :S
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    Master League question

    You edit so if you play La liga you the best 16 teams there or something and then the ones who doesnt fit into the Division 2. That makes it better but otherwise it can't be fixed I think
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    Want A Sig?

    Try a Valencia one with David Villa and Aimar and also it should be in graphic section
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    Corners and Centre-Halves

    The second thing lil?kewell said works. You set it so it\s to red(all attack) and then you change cornerkicker.. Then at least one of your CB's will be in the box :D I always do like that
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    Facelist for PES5

    ah ok, well thx anyway :). And I was just wondering how can you use an AFL? Because I had one but when you resize your 0_text it doesn't work anymore :S
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    Facelist for PES5

    ah ok, so what about the others? On what numbers can I add other faces? EDIT: And also I have a problem, Drogba's face is added when I look at unknow_01585 and his hair as well but I can't find his face ingame :S
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    Facelist for PES5

    what are the difference? :S.. I mean they are still presets, because I have 32 presets of K faces but that's after the superpatch. Maybe it has something to do with that.
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    Facelist for PES5

    ah great, thx! But I find something very strange, I have 32 K faces ingame.. Why is that? and how can it be?
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    Facelist for PES5

    Does anyone have a good facelist for pes5? It would be awesome since many times you don't know what face to take away. If anyone have plz post here
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    PES5 Game crash!

    I had that problem as well, you should only have the opt file and your ML save in folder 1.. and then it should work, you must create folder4 or something and then cut out all the files that are 284 kb. After that it should work.
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    Kitserver mistakes for Superpatch - need kits

    Is there anyway I can have the correct kits but not replacing my 0_text? Because I modded it alot and then I realised this problem :S