Facelist for PES5


Reserve Team
Does anyone have a good facelist for pes5?
It would be awesome since many times you don't know what face to take away.

If anyone have plz post here


Starting XI
Face list PES5 in Graphic Studio :

Face Star : Hair star :

Face K Hair K

unamed_1585 DROGBA unamed_4144
unamed_1586 TOURE unamed_4145
unamed_1587 GEREMI unamed_4146
unamed_1588 ETO'O unamed_4147
unamed_1589 HESKEY unamed_4148
unamed_1590 CAMPBELL unamed_4149
unamed_1591 DEFOE unamed_4150
unamed_1592 VIERA unamed_4151
unamed_1593 WILTORD unamed_4152
unamed_1594 THURAM unamed_4153
unamed_1595 CISSE unamed_4154
unamed_1596 DESAILLY unamed_4155
unamed_1597 MAKELELE unamed_4156
unamed_1598 MARTINS unamed_4157
unamed_1599 DAVIDS unamed_4158
unamed_1600 KLUIVERT unamed_4159
unamed_1601 SEEDORF unamed_4160
unamed_1602 CASTELEN unamed_4161

Face R Hair R

unamed_1603 VERON unamed_4162
unamed_1604 RONALDO unamed_4163
unamed_1605 RIVALDO unamed_4164
unamed_1606 CAFU unamed_4165
unamed_1607 EMERSON unamed_4166
unamed_1608 ROBERTO CARLOS unamed_4167
unamed_1609 RONALDINHO unamed_4168
unamed_1610 ADRIANO unamed_4169
unamed_1611 SERGINHO unamed_4170
unamed_1612 DIDA unamed_4171
unamed_1613 MANCINI unamed_4172
unamed_1614 J.BAPTISTA unamed_4173
unamed_1615 OLIVEIRA unamed_4174
unamed_1616 ROBINHO unamed_4175
unamed_1617 IVAN CORDOBA unamed_4176
unamed_1618 BAROS unamed_4177
unamed_1619 MIDO unamed_4178
unamed_1620 DYER unamed_4179
unamed_1621 FERDINAND unamed_4180
unamed_1622 WES BROWN unamed_4181
unamed_1623 ASHLEY COLE unamed_4182
unamed_1624 TREVOR SINCLAIR unamed_4183
unamed_1625 HENRY unamed_4184
unamed_1626 TREZEGUET unamed_4185
unamed_1627 ZEBINA unamed_4186
unamed_1628 DE JONG unamed_4187
unamed_1629 CAREW unamed_4188
unamed_1630 JORGE ANDRADE unamed_4189
unamed_1631 QUARESMA unamed_4190
unamed_1632 DIOUF unamed_4191
unamed_1633 LARSSON unamed_4192
unamed_1634 SANTOS unamed_4193

Face W Hair W

unamed_1635 CLAUDIO LOPEZ unamed_4194
unamed_1636 KILY GONZALEZ unamed_4195
unamed_1637 CRESPO unamed_4196
unamed_1638 AIMAR unamed_4197
unamed_1639 JAVIER ZANETTI unamed_4198
unamed_1640 SAMUEL unamed_4199
unamed_1641 SAVIOLA unamed_4200
unamed_1642 SIMEONE-RIQUELME unamed_4201
unamed_1643 ALMEYDA unamed_4202
unamed_1644 SOLARI unamed_4203
unamed_1645 HEINZE unamed_4204
unamed_1646 KEWELL unamed_4205
unamed_1647 JUNINHO unamed_4206
unamed_1648 DIEGO unamed_4207
unamed_1649 EDU unamed_4208
unamed_1650 BERBATOV unamed_4209
unamed_1651 NEDVED unamed_4210
unamed_1652 ROSICKY unamed_4211
unamed_1653 BALLACK unamed_4212
unamed_1654 LEHMANN unamed_4213
unamed_1655 HILDEBRANDT unamed_4214
unamed_1656 HINKEL unamed_4215
unamed_1657 BOBIC unamed_4216
unamed_1658 SCHWEINSTEIGER unamed_4217
unamed_1659 KURANYI unamed_4218
unamed_1660 LAHM unamed_4219
unamed_1661 LINKE unamed_4220
unamed_1662 FRINGS unamed_4221
unamed_1663 LAURSEN unamed_4222
unamed_1664 TOMASSON unamed_4223
unamed_1665 HELVEG unamed_4224
unamed_1666 GRAVESEN unamed_4225
unamed_1667 GRONKJAER unamed_4226
unamed_1668 ROMMEDAHL unamed_4227
unamed_1669 OWEN unamed_4228
unamed_1670 BECKHAM unamed_4229
unamed_1671 SCHOLES unamed_4230
unamed_1672 ALAN SMITH unamed_4231
unamed_1673 SHEARER unamed_4232
unamed_1674 GERRARD unamed_4233
unamed_1675 GARY NEVILLE unamed_4234
unamed_1676 PHIL NEVILLE unamed_4235
unamed_1677 ROONEY unamed_4236
unamed_1678 JOE COLE unamed_4237
unamed_1679 TERRY unamed_4238
unamed_1680 LAMPARD unamed_4239
unamed_1681 BRIDGE unamed_4240
unamed_1682 HARGREAVES unamed_4241
unamed_1683 BEATTIE unamed_4242
unamed_1684 WOODGATE unamed_4243
unamed_1685 DOWNING unamed_4244
unamed_1686 CARRAGHER unamed_4245
unamed_1687 ROBINSON unamed_4246
unamed_1688 RAUL unamed_4247
unamed_1689 LUIS ENRIQUE unamed_4248
unamed_1690 HELGUERA unamed_4249
unamed_1691 XAVI unamed_4250
unamed_1692 MORIENTES unamed_4251
unamed_1693 CASILLAS unamed_4252
unamed_1694 TRISTAN unamed_4253
unamed_1695 GUTI unamed_4254
unamed_1696 CANIZARES unamed_4255
unamed_1697 SALGADO unamed_4256
unamed_1698 BARAJA unamed_4257
unamed_1699 LUQUE unamed_4258
unamed_1700 TORRES unamed_4259
unamed_1701 RAUL BRAVO unamed_4260
unamed_1702 VALDES unamed_4261
unamed_1703 FABREGAS unamed_4262
unamed_1704 ZIDANE unamed_4263
unamed_1705 BARTHEZ unamed_4264
unamed_1706 LIZARAZU unamed_4265
unamed_1707 PIRES unamed_4266
unamed_1708 SAGNOL unamed_4267
unamed_1709 GIULY unamed_4268
unamed_1710 PEDRETTI unamed_4269
unamed_1711 ROTHEN unamed_4270
unamed_1712 MICOUD unamed_4271
unamed_1713 CHARISTEAS unamed_4272
unamed_1714 KALADZE unamed_4273
unamed_1715 SIMIC unamed_4274
unamed_1716 KOVAC unamed_4275
unamed_1717 ROY KEANE unamed_4276
unamed_1718 ROBBIE KEANE unamed_4277
unamed_1719 IAN HARTE unamed_4278
unamed_1720 DUFF unamed_4279
unamed_1721 FINNAN unamed_4280
unamed_1722 GUDJOHNSEN unamed_4281
unamed_1723 DEL PEIRO unamed_4282
unamed_1724 VIERI unamed_4283
unamed_1725 CASSANO unamed_4284
unamed_1726 TOTTI unamed_4285
unamed_1727 MALDINI unamed_4286
unamed_1728 MATERAZZI unamed_4287
unamed_1729 DELVECCHIO unamed_4288
unamed_1730 INZAGHI unamed_4289
unamed_1731 CANNAVARO unamed_4290
unamed_1732 NESTA unamed_4291
unamed_1733 BUFFON unamed_4292
unamed_1734 AMBROSINI unamed_4293
unamed_1735 TOLDO unamed_4294
unamed_1736 FIORE unamed_4295
unamed_1737 ZAMBROTTA unamed_4296
unamed_1738 GATTUSO unamed_4297
unamed_1739 TOMASSI unamed_4298
unamed_1740 COSTACURTA unamed_4299
unamed_1741 PIRLO unamed_4300
unamed_1742 TACCHINARDI unamed_4301
unamed_1743 C.ZANETTI unamed_4302
unamed_1744 LEGROTTAGLIE unamed_4303
unamed_1745 MICCOLI unamed_4304
unamed_1746 DE ROSSI unamed_4305
unamed_1747 GILARDINO unamed_4306
unamed_1748 ODDO unamed_4307
unamed_1749 PANCARO unamed_4308
unamed_1750 PERROTTA unamed_4309
unamed_1751 BROCCHI unamed_4310
unamed_1752 CHIMENTI unamed_4311
unamed_1753 FAVALLI unamed_4312
unamed_1754 VAN DER SAR unamed_4313
unamed_1755 STAM unamed_4314
unamed_1756 COCU unamed_4315
unamed_1757 OVERMARS unamed_4316
unamed_1758 BERGKAMP unamed_4317
unamed_1759 VAN NISTELROOY unamed_4318
unamed_1760 MAKAAY unamed_4319
unamed_1761 ROBBEN unamed_4320
unamed_1762 VAN DER MEYDE unamed_4321
unamed_1763 VAN DER VAART unamed_4322
unamed_1764 SNEIJDER unamed_4323
unamed_1765 HEITINGA unamed_4324
unamed_1766 NUNO VALENTE unamed_4325
unamed_1767 SOLSKJAER unamed_4326
unamed_1768 KRZYNOWEK unamed_4327
unamed_1769 FIGO unamed_4328
unamed_1770 RUI COSTA unamed_4329
unamed_1771 MUTU unamed_4330
unamed_1772 KARPIN unamed_4331
unamed_1773 LJUNGBERG unamed_4332
unamed_1774 IBRAHIMOVIC unamed_4333
unamed_1775 SHEVCHENKO unamed_4334
unamed_1776 FORLAN unamed_4335
unamed_1777 GIGGS unamed_4336
unamed_1778 MIHAJLOVIC unamed_4337
unamed_1779 KEZMAN unamed_4338
unamed_1780 STANKOVIC unamed_4339

Face Y Hair Y

unamed_1781 BATTAGLIA unamed_4340
unamed_1782 D'ALESSANDRO unamed_4341
unamed_1783 KAKA unamed_4342
unamed_1784 MOTTA unamed_4343
unamed_1785 HAKAN YAKIN unamed_4344
unamed_1786 REYES unamed_4345
unamed_1787 SILVESTRE unamed_4346
unamed_1788 DELLAS unamed_4347
unamed_1789 BABIC unamed_4348
unamed_1790 DI VAIO unamed_4349
unamed_1791 CAMORANESI unamed_4350
unamed_1792 CORRADI unamed_4351
unamed_1793 MARQUEZ unamed_4352
unamed_1794 PIZZARO unamed_4353
unamed_1795 C.RONALDO unamed_4354
unamed_1796 DECO unamed_4355
unamed_1797 MANICHE unamed_4356
unamed_1798 PAULO FERREIRA unamed_4357
unamed_1799 MANSIZ unamed_4358
unamed_1800 EMRE unamed_4359
unamed_1801 RECOBA unamed_4360
unamed_1802 unamed_4361
unamed_1803 unamed_4362
unamed_1804 unamed_4363
unamed_1805 unamed_4364
unamed_1806 unamed_4365
unamed_1807 NAKATA unamed_4366


Reserve Team
ah great, thx!

But I find something very strange, I have 32 K faces ingame.. Why is that? and how can it be?


Reserve Team
what are the difference? :S.. I mean they are still presets, because I have 32 presets of K faces but that's after the superpatch. Maybe it has something to do with that.


Reserve Team
Special faces have assigned special hair, normal faces are the faces you can change the hair for on Edit Mode...


Reserve Team
ah ok, so what about the others? On what numbers can I add other faces?

EDIT: And also I have a problem, Drogba's face is added when I look at unknow_01585 and his hair as well but I can't find his face ingame :S


Reserve Team
ah ok, well thx anyway :). And I was just wondering how can you use an AFL?
Because I had one but when you resize your 0_text it doesn't work anymore :S