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    Want to learn

    Hello guys, I see that old theards with fifa 07 and 08 doesn't die, even if they are pretty old. I have been just a patch guy, the one who said just great job, without doing anything to actually help the comunity. Now i'm sixteen, i grew up a little bit and i have a mind a little bit more...
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    Fifa 08 Destinity of Manager 12-13

    man, this patch will be AWESOME, i respect all your work, i know how hard is to make a premier lieague patch for example, i can't even make bundesliga 3 (no resource on the web). Good luck!
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas ionutz2009 soccergaming and Fifa Galaxy
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    New Kits thread+request (no spam please)

    Very good omegadark, let's steal more! That's not a good attitude man, why are you stealing neymar's work, maybe he spent 2 or 3 hours making these kits and you resize them:| Shame on you! (sorry for my very bad english)
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    FIFA 2007 HD Turf

    I want version 1 please:). It look awesome, you can make one with Europe League, please?
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    FGRL 07 Winter Edition

    How many teams will romania send in Champions league and Europa league? Waiting for your patch, pals :D
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    Ok, deci multumesc celor care stiu ce e ala bun simt si nu injura in stanga si in dreapta (ma refer aici la Ionutz2009, Dorinell si Claudiu). Claudiu, eu personal nu am Shifty*ic cu tine, dar acum serios, stabileste-te pe in site si ramai acolo (nu imi pasa daca e SCE, Fifa Galaxy sau Fifa Evo, e...
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    English Premier League 90s Patch[Includes 22 teams]

    please send me the link:)
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    FIFA 08 Patch KZ

    Link please :D
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    Gata ma usor ca nu e vorba de concurenta, lasa-l in pace pe dorinel! Si felicitari pt site ionutz;)
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    dk_asasin minikits

    Hellow, i'm dk_asasin from romania and i want to share with soccer-gaming community my minikits Crystal Palace Home Away Request: ON Tips: ON
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    Barclays premier league 2013-2014

    can you send me the link?
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    Fifa 08 Destinity of Manager 12-13

    Incredible patch! When it's ready can you send me the link?
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    Font thread by Nexus

    Good fonts man! Force!
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    "The road to" EURO 2012 patch!

    Can you send me the link? [email protected]