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    Real Madrid [2011-2012]

    HALA MADRID! we dont need a real thread OUR SUPPORT IS UNCONDITIONAL!!
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    Can the United States win the World Cup?

    maybe in 30 yrs... :innocent_smile_1:
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    WC Group A: Mexico vs. South Africa [P+R]

    i also thought he was offside.. i didnt know the goalie counted this game sucks btw.. i hope uruguay rocks
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    FC Barcelona Thread [2010/11]

    KCUF THIS THREAD! $$fg#$% Busquets sucks and hes going to prove it in the world cup:innocent_smile_1:
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    Chelsea F.C [2010-2011]

    why Joe cole though?? i hope he has a good World Cup and is signed by a big team..
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    Rafael Benitez Leaves Liverpool F.C

    he already signed for Inter, lets hope he doesnt screw up Maicon's transfer to Real Madrid
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    World Cup Injury Watch

    Spain doesnt need Iniesta... they have fabregas, xabi, xavi, pedro,mata, silva...
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    Real Madrid Thread 2009-2010

    actually if you compare those two videos you can notice that messi does the same thing c.ronaldo does.. the only difference is that messi's elbows only reach the defenders stomach not his
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    Real Madrid Thread 2009-2010

    fvck... we really missed el pipita tonite.... benzema had a really bad game, except for that one shot that hit the post... imo, guti should have started... and raul should have come in much earlier...
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    FC Barcelona Thread [2009/10] i found some pics of pique while browsing i know you will enjoy them bybuti, no need to thank me :biggrinx:
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    FC Barcelona Thread [2009/10]

    one thing is to make fun of his platonic love towards pique.. and another thing is to harrass the guy cuz of his sexual tendencies... i have a solution though, if bybuti admits he is gay... i will stop visitin this thread :33vff3o:
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    FC Barcelona Thread [2009/10]

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    TV Shows aka Sir Didier being upset that non-hipsters like Game of Thrones

    fringe, v, stargate universe, house, sanctuary, heroes, lost, lie to me, flash forward
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    Inter Thread [09-10]

    just cuz hez hondurean like yourself.. does not mean he should start.. milito and eto'o are doing a pretty good job :sKIp_E:
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    Real Madrid Thread 2009-2010

    bybuti... with that sig.. you prove the world what everyone believes of barca fans you are antimadridista first and then a barca fan... enjoy