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    do shirt fonts change?

    kk, cheers
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    do shirt fonts change?

    in my first season as southampton, playing career mode on ps2. just wondering if i get promoted do you then play with the epl ball and have the epl writing on your shirt? just wondered...
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    £125,000,000 for David Prutton!

    david prutton's class, he's my star midfielder, trained him to an AM position and scores **** loads... haha. he scored 17 a few seasons ago, i'll post a screeny when i re-install cm 03-04
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    Sturrock leaves Saints

    Apparently the reason was not so much to do with Sturrocks performance on the pitch, but his training methods. The story goes he used to sit there at training and let the coaches do everything, only giving a pep talk before matches and briefly in the mornings. Also his media management was...
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    Free porno clips

    she's faking it...
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    Confirmed Transfers Thread 2004

    Peter Crouch - Aston Villa to Southampton for 2m
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    How to take proper free kicks?

    i hit the ball w/ the side of my foot, kinda just below my big toe. strike it at the bottom corner, i find that gets it up and down pretty quick, and puts loadsa curve on it too. it really depends on the person tho, my friend hits it straight and hard and still gets curve on it, just...
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    Which manager will have the most success at his new club?

    Paul Sturrock. C'mon saints! hehe
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    Kitchee vs. AC Milan [R]

    Kitchee 2 - 1 AC Milan Match was played at Hong Kong Stadium, KO 8pm local time. Not a bad game, Milan had a few first teamers with Shevchenko, Costacurta, Maldini and Redondo mixed with some reserves and players loaned in for the match. Kitchee had a largely chinese squad, although Luis...
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    England Win Hong Kong 7's

    hong kong 7's is an international rugby tourney. it's exactly the same rules as rugby union, except it's 7 a side with halves of 7 minutes (except finals which are 10 minutes each way). england's richard haughton won 'best and fairest player' and top try scorer with 8, and team mate ben...
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    England Win Hong Kong 7's

    England broke a 7's record today by becoming the first northern hemisphere team to win a hat-trick of hong kong 7's. The tournament, which is regarded as the jewel in the irb 7's crown, has only seen this feat happen twice before: by fiji and new zealand. If any of you've been to the hong...
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    seven nation army solo tab

    @mishkin the solo, link and chorus are all played on a reg guitar, Carlos white just restrings his top two strings to bass strings. @ alistair it's one of the tabs i already had
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    EPPL: English Premier League 2003-2004 - Week 25 + Midweek Match

    missed all of saturday :( Wolverhampton Wanderers 1-2 Aston Villa Manchester City 2-3 Manchester United Tottenham Hotspur 1-2 Newcastle United Southampton 3-2 Liverpool Liverpool 2-2 Portsmouth
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    seven nation army solo tab

    does anyone have a decent tab of the solo in Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes? i've found a couple, and it sounds ok but i was wondering if there are any that you have which are note for note?
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    SG's All-Time Favourite Song

    bulls on parade - rage against the machine maybe one of their best ever songs, never will hear it too much!