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    Liedson 08 stuff.

    Plez fix your adboard for Premier league and La Liga. I can't take them. The pict is to big. Thanks. Also do make generic adboard for other leagues. Thanks.
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    \\--Hengi's adboard and flag laboratory--//

    Could Hengi make generic adboards for all the leagues. Not just 4 specific teams. Thanks.
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    Need EA's Brazil h & a and Spain h & a

    I need the original ea kits for brazil home and away as well as spain home and away. I wrongly installed the wrong kits. Thanks
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    V for Vendetta

    Yaa, great movie. Very deep meaning
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    Borat The Movie!!!

    Too bad this movie will not be coming 2 some part of southeast asia. :nape:
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    ClickyMouse's AdBoards

    Alright, its good now. I've found fifadata2007 1.5 :)
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    ClickyMouse's AdBoards

    What bout the other leagues i.e. france, dutch, germany, italy and spain?, how to know their id?
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    ClickyMouse's AdBoards

    How to install ur premier league adboard using the 2ga adboard importer? How to know the teams id?
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    The official FIFA 07 patch is out now!

    Better download world roster update from fifakorea
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    Luis_Figo`s WC06 Kit Thread

    It depends on the team their playing :jambo: . Luis figo kits are great but where's the (6) WORLD CUP LOGO......
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    Best turfs to download?? fix too dark one

    Either go to for turfpatch or for 06 WC Turfspatch by monkey dragon
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    Updated Rosters??

    go to There's a roster made by Supersonic.
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    Nike VS Adidas patch

    For adidas replace rui costa with nakamura(celtic)? And 4 the jersey numbers, 2 avoid confusion and clashes, use the numbers their using at thier respective clubs e.g beckham 23, raul 7, nakata 17(i think?), for del piero he can get 20.
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    render every ai the solution!!!!!

    Will this config disable the pc substitution?
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    Sacked By Barnet...Cos I Was In Debt!?

    I just loan/sell my players to keep my squad to a minimum of 18. Da player wages are sucking the green out of the club