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    YESSSSSSS!!!!!! YES! YES!!!!!!!

    You would have mostly been in the FM Forum, Real Life Football forum and Lounge, whereas Fede (his old user name) was in FIFA forums editing mostly. I posted less than both of you, but across all of the above at different times
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    RALE's FIFA 14 Faces

    Try to use English please mate. It's an English forum.
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    I would like to ask a few questions

    I've been mates with Chau for about 18 years in real life now funnily enough. I was chatting to him a month or so ago on Facebook. He is living back in Vietnam (was in Melbourne Au) and loving life. Doing sport analytics software and doing well. Unfortunately I don't know that Chau, nor anyone...
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    YESSSSSSS!!!!!! YES! YES!!!!!!!

    This thread still going is top drawer SG
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    Time Capsule...Liverpool Finally Win!

    So I've waited 19 years to of SG membership to finally celebrate a league win with Liverpool - never would have thought it would take this long! SG has obviously changed a bit in that time, but good to see some familiar members still around posting. 19 years ago the season just finished ended...
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    Last movie you watched

    I find it funny that there are so many "female versions" of these sorts of movies that were traditionally made for men. I find it unoriginal and uninspired. Whilst there have been guys versions of these for a long time - why can't they make an original comedy style for women? They generally have...
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    Does anyone else get irritated by "Happy New Years"? It's Happy New Year - with no S. Sure say "New Year's Eve" or "what are you doing for New Year's?" etc (as this is referring to the ownership apostrophe s), but it's not plural, so shouldn't be Happy New Years. /rant Happy New Year everyone.
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    Liverpool FC

    Yep. Pretty happy with that. 4-3 sounds closer than it was. Who needs Coutinho? Would still love a goalkeeper.
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    Liverpool FC

    The price tag is ludicrous. Van Dijk is a great player, but there is always the concern he'll have one good year and then be poor, like Lovren. We really need a world class goal keeper.
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    Spam bombing!?

    Well-Tracked Media
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    Spam bombing!?

    Nothing to do with that. I'm jumping in and removing 20-30 posts and threads per day. I've also done what I can with my admin privileges. It's the site owner that needs to do more.
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    Project SEASONS

    Surely Bergkamp starts over Wiltord?
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    Spam bombing!?

    Pretty hard apparently :(
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    Spam bombing!?

    Really? Where? Can you report it? I thought we were getting most of it pretty quickly