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    ManU thread 14/15

    Man Utd are wanks
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    Presenting to you....

    I come for a scan of SG and this is whats happening... what the **** dude??
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    UEFA Europa League 2012/2013

    the game last week was immense too. i think i could watch bilbao v shalke every thursday for the rest of my life
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    Scottish Football 2010/11

    **** the SPL!!
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    Thiery Henry switched to handball

    theirry henry is a dirty french cúnt
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    Motherwell 1-1 Aberdeen

    mcdonald sent off for celebrating, terrible stuff lads :coffe-anim:
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    So then...

    aw fa fack sake maaahhhNNNNNNNNN i wont ******* install!
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    Stirling Albion 2-2 Ayr United

    stop taking the piss, guys
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    Stirling Albion 2-2 Ayr United

    ****. Sorry man. I never knew it was even on television? Seriously though, you should watch it anyway. Its incredible! 2-0 up and Ayr United were sailing! Then the Albion pull it back? ****in crazy man. Whodda thunk it? You can't write off Stirling though eh? And that is why they are major...
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    Stirling Albion 2-2 Ayr United

    v Stirling fought back from two goals down for a 2-2 draw with Ayr United. Ayr striker Bryan Prunty beat three defenders and smashed a powerful drive past Myles Hogarth after nine minutes. Two minutes later Prunty again ran into the box and played a neat one-two before curling the...
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    SG get together

    **** off, cant we have it at my house? ill make plenty of cookies and cake
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    Easy Rule Change

    a team can pure make a change whenever they want haaaw haaaw haaaaw ken.
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    Bayern München Thread [2007/08]

    here are some random photos because i feel like its the right thing to do on this day, wednesday the 26th of march 2008 the streets of munich would not be complete without...
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    Bayern München Thread [2007/08]

    I love munich. I love the city, I love the people, I love the football team! I LOVE THE BIER!! what a ******* awesome trip
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    Bayern München Thread [2007/08]

    what a beautiful match! the sight of schweinsteiger wearing an aberdeen top applauding our fans at the end had me moist! cant wait to go to munich next thursday! i shall take many photos