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Old 17-10-2016, 01:04:AM   #53
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i had success with -2user/+2cpu pass error home and +2user/-2cpu pass error away. it seems to be about right to replicate home advantage realistically.

i'm quoting the post i made about my conclusions at the os thread, because i think i can't put it better than i did there.

20 games in.

8 home wins, 5 draws, 7 away wins

30 home goals, 23 away goals (home +30%)

i'm right at my target. the win/loss distribution is almost even (definitely not what we want), but this is where 20 games is not even near to remotely close of being a sample.

out of curiosity, i checked the last 20 games of the biggest leagues just to show how this can vary wildly in such a sample:

premier league

7 home wins, 8 draw, 5 away wins
30 home goals, 19 away goals (+58%)

la liga

10 home wins, 5 draws, 5 away wins
41 home goals, 28 away goals (+46%)


10 home wins, 8 draws, 2 away wins
30 home goals, 17 away goals (+76%)

serie a

8 home wins, 5 draws, 7 away wins (same as me)
24 home goals, 29 away goals (-21%)

ligue 1

12 home wins, 4 draws, 4 away wins
29 home goals, 23 away goals (+26%)

so this is why i decided to primarily look at shooting instead of wins or goals. bigger frequency = less variance = bigger confidence.

and this is the breakdown of these 20 testing games:

as i said,

8 home wins, 5 draws, 7 away wins

30 home goals, 23 away goals (+30%)

172 home, 142 away (+21%)

on target:
109 home, 78 away (+37%)

49.3% home, 50.7% away

shot accuracy:
63.4% home, 54.9% away

pass accuracy:
80.7% home, 81.9% away

the tweak has proven to work in providing home advantage in my games. i came as close as i could come to real life shooting and scoring stats, under the limitations of this sample size. anyway, the worst case scenario here is "not quite there but close enough". i can live with that, quite happily. no one has ever done something so analytical in this subject, so i'm certain this is the closest solution we have for fifa at the moment.

i'm glad to see pass accuracy itself wasn't affected by the tweak, since there isn't a big discrepancy in home vs away pass accuracy in real life too. it's more about the quality of the passes. i think this is the reason home teams had the edge in shot accuracy here. good passes just put them in better spots to shoot.

i'm done testing this for now. got where i wanted, no need to change the initial setting. i'll put fifa to rest until ariel releases an update for the moddingway patch with the new season rosters, then i'll restart my valencia career (i was sucking as much as they did in real life in the last season anyway). when i finish my first season, i'll post the home/away records here just to check what we got.

i know this was done solely in fifa 14 and there's a new engine, yada yada, but as i said, i believe i'm the first one to look seriously into home advantage in fifa, so if i wanted to have home advantage in fifa 17 or whatever, i'd certainly start with this same pass error tweak. the concept is as close to fail-proof as it can get.

in case someone does it, i would deeply appreciate some results being shared here. i'm very curious about how it would translate.

see ya'll soon!

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Old 17-10-2016, 06:53:PM   #54
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Originally Posted by bangus View Post
That's a great tip, never heard that one, good to know.
bangus, i found a way to get over that problem of fatigue being linked to the acceleration slider, it might help you.

quoting kazemaky, from the os forums:

As i said in another thread, you can play with 45 acceleration if u want. Just put the half time you really want into the locale.ini like this:
"Head to CWherever you installed it\Origin Games\FIFA 17\Data\
Open the locale.ini file
Add the following in the end:





Save the file and you are done."

Now Im not really sure what the bootflow does, but after editing this, you go to ingame options and use alower value halftime. This way game uses locale ini time, but ingame ht stamina and it balancea out with lower acceleration. Just have to find the corresponding values for most realistic stamina. Im using 8min ingame and 10 min real ht with 49 acc and its like 50 acc on 10min ht without file editing. Thus you shouldnt be overly concerned with acceleration being tied to stamina. It can be compensated.

i tried this in my cl.ini and it worked. the code overrides the half lenght chosen in the game, but the game is tricked into thinking you're playing with the lenght of the settings screen and applies fatigue accordingly.
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Old 12-12-2016, 11:31:PM   #55
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Gonira is on a distinguished road
hey, just want to update and put final numbers on my research.

i just finished my first full season using the pass error tweak.

-2home/+2away pass error is really where it's at for me, at least on fifa 14. very realistic home/away records.

these are the records i got on this season. playing as sampdoria, using the moddingway mod. finished 5th in serie a:

home: 10W-7D-2L, 28GF-16GA
away: 8W-4D-7L, 28GF-30GA

i had a previous sample of 30 spare games playing 15 correspondent home-away fixtures (mostry friendlies). the following numbers are a comparison of the overall home vs away performance of these 30 games plus the 38 league games of the season i've just finished:

68 games,

29 home wins, 20 draws, 19 away wins (+53% home wins)
goals: 99 home, 74 away (+34% home goals)
shots: 686 home, 598 away (+15% home shots)
on target: 387 home, 335 away (+16% home s.o.t.)

it's just about the bias i was looking for. i can't say how the intensity of the advantage would be translated to newer games (or even different slider sets), but the advantage would definitely be there, so this is the starting point i'd recommend to everyone.

if you prefer to go for a more home biased intensity, to emulate south american leagues or bring you closer to the results of fifa simulated games, -3/+3 pass error would be certainly better.

the testing was a pain, but the tweak is so simple and so effective. i can't understand why ea and konami don't put something similar in their games. just use a similar approach, make it an offline-exclusive "home advantage on/off" switch and everyone would be happy. the knowledge that your team is expected to overperform home and underperform away adds SO MUCH for immersion! i don't know how i could live without that for so many years.
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Old 23-02-2017, 08:09:PM   #56
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one more season for the books, now i have a big sample on this.

following my good season with sampdoria, manchester city made me an offer to replace pepe, and i got it. fun season. won both national cups, 2nd place after united in the epl and eliminated by ajax in europa league r16.

shot difference between home and away stayed pretty even compared to the previous results, but there was no advantage in wins and goals.

this is the updated picture. single-legged cup fixtures are not counted.

116 games

46 home wins, 31 draws, 39 away wins (+18%)
160 home goals, 134 away goals (+19%)
shots: 1273 home, 1100 away (+16%)
on target: 710 home, 603 away (+18%)

definitive conclusion for me that -2/+2 pass error is still not enough for realism.

gonna try -3/+3 in the next season. had good results with this offset in the past, but over a very small sample. anyway, it will be better.

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Old 24-04-2017, 04:48:PM   #57
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Can't find cl.ini

Hi gonira, im an avid fifa 14 player like you. recently i saw this post of yours regarding the fatigue problem...but i cant seem to find the cl.ini file....please help
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