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Old 05-06-2004, 04:09:PM   #53
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Thelonious will become famous soon enoughThelonious will become famous soon enough
I found fifa 2004 way too easy even on world class, I could easily beat france , with the worst teams. The gameplay is repetitive goals seem to look the same . The AI should be able to score from free kicks I have never conceded a goal from free kicks. Also the atmosphere lacked in the game , it was an anticlimax after winning the cup.
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Old 06-06-2004, 11:53:PM   #54
Forza Suarez! (ps brotha can you spare a dime?)
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Rocky is a glorious beacon of lightRocky is a glorious beacon of lightRocky is a glorious beacon of lightRocky is a glorious beacon of lightRocky is a glorious beacon of light
yeah in fifa 98rtwc and fifa 99 i got great joy out of winning on world class and professinal because it felt like i actually earned the cup and in fifa 2004 it all feels the same on every difficulty level
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Old 07-06-2004, 12:05:AM   #55
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VanTheMin could be mistaken for XifioVanTheMin could be mistaken for Xifio
ok here we go:

1)first of all,the player and team ratings never make a difference.any player with extreme low stats can catch up henry,shoot like him.

2)the cpu team has always been immortal.their players never get tired even if their energy meter burns up.the speed of them is far more than our players.they run and can never be caught up.when we tackle them(slide)they never fall or loose the ball,they skip over our tackles and simply continue their unbeaten kick off,they just simply run straight towards goal.

3)during corners,when they select to aim towards'near post' their player is always stationary in the centre spot .when we try to push him,he pushes us off and if we succeed,then he runs round us back again and eventually scores a header.

4)the game has become too much predictable.after 2-3 weeks even world-class level seems amateur.
BUT NOTE THIS: even though we all say that the game gets too easy does not mean that ea should make the cpu do impossible acts.with the increase in difficulty levels in fifa games the cpu does not increase it's tactical level,but just increases it's attributes to impossible levels like faster speed,transparency,etc.please ea make a game that will force us to keep playing it untill the next fifa releases.

5)holland has never been featured with it's official form.please do feature it.

6)the match winning celebrations and cinematics should be longer and more previous games,when we win a cup final,the celebrations were very lame and did not enjoy us.after we should get something fun in return after winning a cup or league!

7)try to emulate the gameplay of fifa world cup 2002 was the best ever gameplay i saw in a football game.after that fifa 2003 nd 2004 have been very dissapointing in gameplay

hope u appreciate my views.and i hope to see a better and fun fifa 2005!
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Old 07-06-2004, 08:47:AM   #56
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the last few have had a major lack of multiplayer custom cups
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Old 07-06-2004, 09:46:PM   #57
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Broken promises . . . Danny Isaac always told how his researcher team have made an intensive research to study players real life behaviour since 2002, but ever since then we could always see how famous lefties like Recoba, Rivaldo turned out to be a right footer in game, how Owen can be out paced by someone like Igor Biscan . . . And to tell you the truth, eventough we can edit the foot settings in the game, you can`t feel the difference between kickin` with your weaker or stronger feet. Graphics turned out to be a major dissapointment in 2004, especially on kits ( this is for PC only, cos` on console version EA used a bigger resolution . . . ). And an consistent take away of good features. Nobody asked for the in-game editor to be taken off. Hey, some of us are 56 k`ers who seems to have trouble downloading a big sized CC. But I heard the in-game editor is back for Euro, let`s hope they keep this up. Let CC be an editor for editing major patches like leagues, roster or something for FIFA editors, most people here need a simple in-game editor to edit simple stuffs. One of the major problems are also why does every single FIFA always have a sweet spot where you can score goals and a totally scripted gameplay ??? Evidence :

On that page you can clearly see that there are fixed formulas for scorin` goals. This is not football at all, in football everything is totally random. This is why FIFA can be borin`, because once you`ve found the formulas or sweet spots, then the challenge is no more challenging. What`s the point of playin` a game when you know the fixed formula to beat it ? Nothin` . . .

Free kicks are good but not perfect, I don`t like the idea that whenever we hit on the green spot, the ball will 90 % goes in . . . Again this is another example how FIFA gameplay is so easy to predict. I prefer it to be changed into a power bar. Don`t be shy to copy the concept from "another game company", cos` it is what it`s like in football when it comes to takin` free kicks, it all comes down to feelings and timing. You don`t see a light green area when you kick the ball on the pitch, right ?

Stop over-rating the EPL and American players, in 2003 you put Donovan at a rate about 76, and Kaka at 66 . Remember that Kaka is the most famous and talented Brazillian in 2003. Everybody in Europe talked about him and you so called professional researchers "brilliantly" rated him below a kid who got loaned from Bayer Leverkusen . . .

There are lots of other stuffs like dumb goallie that can`t never catch a 45 yard lob or something, but I`m tired of sayin` the same stuffs over and over again . . .

One final note, it doesn`t matter how much researchers you have or how many football superstars you can put on the front cover, in the end it`s the passion for the sports itself that can make you, at EA, to produce a better football game. And so far since 1998 I feel nothin` but a lack of passion and a disgrace towards football in all your games. Hope this helps, tough I have a high doubt that any "officials" will come, read and implement all of this, and if that`s so, then thanks for your ignorance. Have a good day Isaac . . .
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Old 08-06-2004, 07:19:AM   #58
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danny Isaac should be killed by now, how can you lye milions of people around the world, that fifa 2004 will be the best football simolation, with improved gameplay. i think fifa 2004 its the worst fifa i ever played, i didn't like the corner kicks, shoting sistem its so stupid, its not point to drible coz you can score from outside the box allways, the (off the ball) is crap anyway if fifa 2005 will improve the gameplay i will be happy, but it will be hard to belive coz the lye evry year they will improve this end that and you and up dissapointed
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Old 09-06-2004, 11:41:PM   #59
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Old 12-06-2004, 03:24:AM   #60
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Fifa rtwc 98 is the best for its time.

Fifa 2002 I currently play because you can score from 50 yards in to the top corner with ease and score totally ridiculous goals against anyone on world class. This is completely unrealistic, but it is fun for me to play against a friend, because at least you can play an online game properly, and you can customise well and save replays (stuff u cant do later on).

I think there is too much emphasis on trying to be realistic, and since they totally fail to even come close to realistic in every game, they should make it fun, which is what fifa 2002 is, because of the obscene goals you can score and the volleys they programmed in (i once did a scorpion kick, but it went for a corner off their keeper (im not lying)). When i play the game i want to be able to do stuff i dont see in real life, or whats the point. I dont want to play in world class for 45 mins each way to draw 0-0 in a scrappy game (like many times in real life).
Thats why i like fifa 2002 the most (and it does have curl in that game, believe me)

Fifa 2003 and 2004 are absolutely appauling. No customisation and not even a replay save on fifa 2004. Absolutely appauling multiplayer on fifa 2004, couldnt get it to work once. What happened to direct i.p so you can play your friend? all this crap of registering and stuff only for it to not work or work poorly.

so for fifa 2005

3)Replay save on PC
4)Make cool moves
5)Make difficult on world class, realistic goals scored in the main, but once every few games you do want that unrealistic goal from distance or volley just because it is fun.
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Old 13-06-2004, 03:11:PM   #61
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in a brief summary, FIFA2004 was dissapointing because of
CC, Transfer system, stupid menues, super accurate off the ball, crap shooting system
for these reasons and many more unrealisticity issues, i gave up on FIFA 2004, and migrated to PES3, and unless EA come up with something REALLY special, there is no way in hell that i buy FIFA 2005 or EURO 2004
i think EA should either A) watch at least one game of soccer or Play PES or WE7 and learn, hell, PES3's DVD version is the sweetest thing!
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Old 13-06-2004, 04:32:PM   #62
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Here's my VERY comprehensive wish-list of improvements for FIFA 2005. Some of the stuff has been said before, but its stuff that matters to me too.


1) Add Holland national team.

2) Add the Saudi Arabian national team. Yes, I know, they're not a force to be reckoned with on the world stage, but they're a major force in Asia that has stayed at the top for the last 20 years. If winning 3 out 5 Asian Cup titles and playing in each of those finals is not an accomplishment, I don't know what is. And I don't think they would charge an arm and a leg like the KNVB either...

3) Oh, please don't get rid of the Turkish national team. I usually notice that as soon as I start getting too happy about something, its gone. And please bring back the Turkish League, or at least two of the other big Turkish Clubs, Fenerbahce SK (current Turkish league champs) and Besiktas JK.

4) Add more national teams in general- there's not enough in Fifa 2004. If EA Sports can't get licenses to authentically represent / recreate some of those teams, put in generic teams with fake names and generic kits. Not the best scenario, but at least that way, all we have to do is remake the kits and retouch the stats, instead of having to replace one national team to add another (like the patch with Holland replacing Urugauy).

5) Speaking of retouching stats, please bring back the in-game creation center where we can fix faces, change numbers and change stats, change kits (or at least colors, in case of generic kits).

6) Ability to buy players from any team / league.

7) Ability to set up custom tournament / league - international or club, group/elimination or elimination, one-or-two leg games, etc. This can still be done in Fifa 2004, with clubs, but I don't want to have to edit the teams in the FA Cup to play a best-of-europe tourney. I like to have the ability to make my own league with all my favorite world clubs.

8) I don't know why, but sometimes, I could have my player facing one direction and i hit pass and instead of passing to the player straight in that direction, it will pass the ball to someone who's standing 25 degrees off that direction. That's very frustrating. And maybe it's just me, but the throughpass in Fifa 2004 seems pointless and completely ineffective.

9) Please make it not as easy to score from 30 yards out. It's good once in a while, but it gets really boring quick, and I get pissed at people who don't even make the effort to build a good attack and just take shots from way out hoping to get lucky (and then they do, like 3 times in a game!)

11) A lot of the stuff in FIFA 2004 is locked into the career mode. I'd like to be able to do all that stuff outside that mode too.

12) When I start a career mode with a big team like AC Milan, I'd like to be playing in a European tournament instead of having to wait one season to earn that right.

13) Add Penalties to practice mode. I know penalty kick techniques haven't changed much over the years in the game, but I'd like to be able to get a feel for it.

14) Also, something is very wrong with team ratings, when 15 weeks into the season, Modena is second in Serie A and Juventus is lying in a lowly 15th. It gets further frustrating that my 4th placed AC Milan beat Modena 3-1 with ease, while Juventus schooled me 5-1. A team in 15th place can't possibly be playing that good. In all fairness to EA Sports, my opponents usually play as well as they should in real life when I have a match with them, but the simulated match results for the computer controlled teams are just too weird. A shock every once in a while is fine.

15) I don't want to have to play 2 other Italian clubs in my Champions League group besides AC Milan. It doesn't happen that way.

16) Okay, here's what else doesn't happen in real leagues, or especially Serie A. You don't play the same team back to back in league match-ups (not talking about two leg playoff games). Usually in a league, you play each team once before you go around and face them again. Back to back matches with the same team may happen in the NBA regular season, but not in European soccer.

17) I'm curious if Football Fusion is just on the PS/2 version, or if it's on the PC version too. I'm in the US, and I bought FIFA Soccer 2004 (which I expect would be the exact same product as FIFA Football 2004, just titled differently for marketing purposes), and I don't have Football Fusion (or even Soccer Fusion) for that matter. Why not?

18) Along the same lines, this one's for the folks at who run the US Fifa Soccer website- STOP TREATING AMERICAN CUSTOMERS LIKE THE BASTARD STEPCHILD! We deserve a comprehensive website too. The UK website is filled with news, helpful stuff and better graphics, while the American website is just a drab, near static webpage. I pay just as much money to EA Sports to buy their games, so be fair to us.

19) When my winger / midfielder is going down the wing (running or sprinting, say down the right wing) and I try to cross the ball or lob it in the box with 'A', I hate it when he lobs it straight out of the pitch, instead of crossing left into the box. I mean STRAIGHT!

20) Right after the corner animation stops (when the taker places the ball), I'd like to be brought back to my camera mode. It sucks when the corner is played and the ball is deflected and I am hitting buttons blindly because I don't know where to clear the ball because I can't see the rest of my players.

21) How about some flags on the corners?

22) Some animated substitutions please. I'd like to see one guy come on and the other guy leave.

23) A lot of the music in the game is stuff that people in the US have never heard. How about having music that the average american listens to for Fifa SOCCER 2005?

24) Like someone else said, I'd like to be able to see my entire squad on one screen when I'm selecting my team, instead of only being able to see 8 of them at a time. Also, I'd like to be able to position my players when I choose a formation. Like move them around a little if I choose 4-2-4 so two of my forwards are spread really wide.

25) In career mode, the way the stats section is organized is RETARDED! I can see who my team's top scorers are, but there's no LEAGUE TOP SCORERS / BOOKINGS section. That stuff matters more than what my shooting average is. Again, this is soccer, not basketball. And by default, how about sorting by goals scored? All this stuff used to be in your older games, so it's frustrating cuz it feels like you guys took a step backwards!

26) When I'm seeing the league standings / table, I'd like to be able to see at least the following on one screen (P-W-D-L-Pts). Its nice that you have it further broken down into home games and away games and all, and I don't mind scrolling for it, but the basic stuff needs to be on one screen.

27) I like to be able to go back and see my results from previous games in a list, instead of having to scroll back and forth on a calendar, and also be able to see how the other teams did in their respective matches. In other words, have a RESULTS section.

28) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, make the menus better. Take your pick from any of your older games, I've never had a problem with the menus until this year.A lot of the above can be summed up with: BAD BAD MENUS! MAKE THEM BETTER, MAKE THEM LIKE YOU USED TO!

29) How about DIRECT IP Connect?


That was the bad stuff.. Now, here's some stuff I'd like to thank the makers of FIFA 2004 for. I hope we see more of this again next year:

Thank you for that free season of online game playing!

Thank you for bring Perluigi Collina to the game!! Next year, you guys should add that other famous referee, the tall, skinny (lanky) Dutch dude.. I forget his name.

Thank you for the wonderful graphics and sound! And for superbly recreating the San Siro among other stadiums!
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Old 14-06-2004, 11:58:AM   #63
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Back in early 2003 I was introduced to the FIFA series with a bootleg copy of FIFA 2002. At that time I liked the game for the amout of teams (specially national teams) and the possibility to edit the kits and stuff. But I got disappointed with the fact that the editing tools were not provided by EA itself, so I had to handle game crashes here and there. But I shouldn't complain since I haven't paid for the game.

So FIFA 2003 came by with a lot of promises, nice screenshots from sites and magazine. Then I decided to buy the game. For my surprise, some of the features I've liked the most in previous edition weren't there, like weather selection, 1-2 passes and, of course, the amout of national teams of FIFA 2002. The lack of control in the gameplay pissed me off so much that I asked myself what did I have in mind when I decided to buy that game.

Then, Creation Centre, the first official FIFA tool was promised. After a considerable amount of time it was released and all I had to say was "Oh, My, is this for real?". It is something that might have been asked before but how did proffessional software developers managed to build a tool like that? I mean, a couple of guys out there that received NO MONEY managed to release Fed2002 or some other Mr. Santarelli's wonders and *GK's? That dissappointed me so much that I decied to NEVER buy a FIFA game again. My copy of FIFA 2003 is still gathering dust on my shelf until today.

Then, FIFA 2004. Some of the anger had been vanished along the months and I had in my mind that EA were professional people and somehow the mess with 2003 was because of a hurry to release the game (do you remember that 2003 demo? Were they being serious expecting that someone could by the game from a demo like that?). Back to 2004. Practice mode, more control of the players, off the ball, minikits (that was the only good thing from 2003. All the promised features seemed to be OK. I decided to give EA another try. Then I bought the game again.

I don't want to be repetitive so for reasons like the previous stated here it took me a couple of weeks more to forget it on my shelf than in the previous year. Some of the mess of 2003 were corrected but I was tired to score from unrealistic out of area shots or Creation Centre, that was as awful as its predecessor.

So why I'm still here on these forums and why I still care about the FIFA series since I am so dissapointed? There are three reasons. I like football. I like to draw and collect the so called football kits. And I do have one of the most fundamental qualities of an human being: HOPE. I hope that somehow people of EA Sports start to care about the community of players providing professional tools for people who want to spend some time to create a more realistic game with authentic kits and player names. And, of course, providing a decent gameplay.

There are people out there who don't want to play with players called NED 1, NED 2, NED 3 wearing a crappy orange kit.

EA has a lot to prove in order to make me buy another of their games in the future.
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Old 15-06-2004, 07:45:PM   #64
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Duong has a spectacular aura aboutDuong has a spectacular aura about
another thing, EA's faces, especially original faces look too much like cartoon, why dont you guys copy and paste them right from the pictures, and make the resolution 256 * 512 ?! Copy and paste from the pic looks much more realistic.
Just kidding : EA ! Hire me to make faces ! I want that !
Remember, I just kidding.
Faces: FIFA 04, FIFA 05, FIFA 06, FIFA 08
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Old 15-06-2004, 07:47:PM   #65
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Duong has a spectacular aura aboutDuong has a spectacular aura about
and another thing, the width of the body are too unrealistic, make that bigger
Faces: FIFA 04, FIFA 05, FIFA 06, FIFA 08
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