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  • FIFA 16 Career Mode Bug: No European Competitons After 1st Season

    There are no European competitions like Champions League and Europa League after the first season ends in FIFA 16. I have attached an image that is from the start of the second season. I have also opened up CM16 to check the database but everything looks fine. Please help me fix this problem.
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  • Has Tools For CM, FUT and Fun -- Want To Add New Tools YOU Want

    Hey everyone,

    I just wanted to post here because I've gotten a lot of help from this forum in building my site and getting data so I wanted to try to give back in a way. The site ( already has a number of things to help you manage and analyze your Career Mode team(s),...
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  • FudgyBiscuit
    started a topic FudgyFC's FIFA16 YouTube Channel (CM/FUT)

    FudgyFC's FIFA16 YouTube Channel (CM/FUT)

    Hey guys, heres a brief overview of the career modes and ultimate team series that will be going up on the channel with the release of FIFA 16.

    If you enjoy the video don't forget to drop a like and if you're new subscribe for regular content updates!
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  • FudgyBiscuit
    started a topic FIFA 15 Man United Career Mode

    FIFA 15 Man United Career Mode

    Been running a career mode with Man United (yeah original I know) on my YouTube channel for last few months, we've just begun the 2nd season, heres the latest couple of videos, enjoy!

    If you enjoy the videos,...
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  • Jamieeeee98
    started a topic New FIFA Youtuber With 2 New Series !

    New FIFA Youtuber With 2 New Series !

    Hi I am Jamie and I started Youtube a couple months ago but stopped because I wasn't really gettinig any views. I have now improved the quality of my videos and have started 2 series which I think you'll enjoy watching:

    Flop To Top (Ultimate Team):
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  • JimmySak
    started a topic Currancy Change

    Currancy Change

    How can I change currancy at the same Career Mode?

    If I choose an English or Scottish team in Career Mode and later on I accept a Job offer in France, Italy, Spain or Germany, is there any way to change currancy (e.g. from GBP to EURO or USD) during the same career in Career Mode?...
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  • pajc72
    started a topic Reading Career Mode Save File

    Reading Career Mode Save File

    Ive been looking at stats available in the Career Mode save file using Internal Master 12. Ive managed to extract the player table which I have opened in Excel so I can search all players, their attributes and positions when choosing which players to buy.
    Im now trying to find where the fixture...
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  • the Leper King
    started a topic Creating a career mode tournament

    Creating a career mode tournament

    I really miss playing Fifa 11 only because I was able to create/edit career mode tournaments using Creation Master 11. With Fifa 13 I am stuck playing my regular Mexican season over and over because CM 13 can't edit tournaments.

    If there are any experienced modders here, can you explain...
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  • Rilehc74
    started a topic Some Questions About Career Mode

    Some Questions About Career Mode

    I think there are answers for this questions already that i'm going to ask,but here they are.
    1.When i don't extend contracts with players,they go in free agents.But after starting a new season nobody signs them in the rest of career.I'm not talking about low-end players,but ones with 75+ overall.I...
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  • Live
    started a topic Default Kit Style

    Default Kit Style

    Hi, I was wondering if there's a way to modify the default kit style of the AI Generated players in the Career Mode (Free players, scouted players etc..) because they all have the same style (tucked shirt) without using the in-game career mode editor (I don't have it unlocked ).
    If there...
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  • nine3d
    started a topic Be A Player - Career Mode Face

    Be A Player - Career Mode Face

    Hey Guys,

    I've got a question (FIFA 14): In this Forum / Community are so many awesome faces, of course I know how to give those faces to players,
    but is there a way to "convert" the face to a gameface for a player career mode? Would be very nice, because I think that...
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  • felipepif
    started a topic Career Mode Editor For FIFA 14??

    Career Mode Editor For FIFA 14??

    It would be possible to make the "Career Mode Editor" as in FIFA 13 to eliminate the transfers?
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  • ronaldinho80
    started a topic [Request] Move Teams Across Leagues

    [Request] Move Teams Across Leagues

    I was thinking of creating a "super league" of top teams from all the domestic leagues. This league will include teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Man C, Man U, Chelsea, Dortmund, Bayern, PSG, CSKA, Spartak, FC Porto and many others.

    So does anybody know how I can transfer...
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  • Kaylom9
    started a topic Youth Academy - Player Names HELP!!!

    Youth Academy - Player Names HELP!!!

    When i play career mode i select A-league, so then i choose Well phoenix. As you will note my nationality is of New Zealander. Which in this case we do not have that much talent or players in much of the top leagues in the world. So to explain my problem, basically it has got to do with all the naming...
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  • Grey Pitch After 1st Season Of Career Mode?

    After finishing career mode season 1 when i play a game the pitch is completely black like this: but black instead of grey.

    I tried normal kickoff mode and still there is a grey pitch.
    I Started a new profile and...
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