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there is the possibility to clone formation to be able to have more team in Career Mode without the error, in FIFA 14 has the 899 limitation
Don't really know, i didn't moded Fifa 14 for years.
Hello Skoczek ! Нow to make the Barcelona cup font complete? As you advised in the FontForge program , I can 't do it , although other fonts when I did they turned out . is there another way ? thanks
Font has to be in .ttf format
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yes , of course , I save the font in ttf format . I am combining fonts with the "Din Standart" font as you advised . But I don't know why it doesn't work that way (
Hi Chuny, is possible move my fifa 21 thread to fifa 22 forum? Thanks!
Hi. I saw your kits 21/22 for fifa 16, great work, my mate. Do you know how can I downland this kits in one patch and install for fifa 16?
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If a mill, a bathhouse, a luxurious palace
Receives as a gift a fool and a scoundrel,
And the worthy one goes into bondage because of bread —
I don't care about your justice, creator!
hello your creations are excellent !! You have brought happiness to my game, I would like to ask you if you can create the kit away brighton 2021-22 please! since I can't find it in the forum. Thank you!!!