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Faces I have made, use the search button ^
Luis Angel Morales(MEX)
Andres Guardado(MEX)
Jorge Torres Nilo(MEX)
Paul Aguilar(MEX)
Alan Pulido(MEX)
Miguel Sabah(MEX)
Diego Reyes(MEX)
Carlos Fierro(MEX)
Rafa Marquez Lugo(MEX)
Edson Rivera(MEX)
Guillermo Memo Ochoa(MEX)
Pablo Barrera(MEX)
Severo Meza(MEX)
Manuel Viniegra(MEX)
Oscar Perez(MEX)
Sergio Romero(ARG)
Martin Bravo(ARG)
Nery Castillo(MEX)
Damian Alvarez(ARG)
Omar Arellano(MEX)
Carlos Ruiz(GUA)
Herculez Gomez(USA)
Miku Fedor(VEN)
HAchim Mastor(ITA)
Kristian Alvarez(MEX)
Mexican Pack(Chicharito, Oribe Peralta, Luis Michel, Rafa Marquez, Luis Morales, Aquino, De Nigris, Pulido)
Hector Herrera HD Texture Fix
Alexander Gonzalez(VEN)
Luis Seijas(VEN)
James Rodriguez(COL)
Carlos Salcido(MEX)
Rubens Sambueza(ARG)
Maza Rodriguez(MEX)

Mexican players:
Luis Ángel "El Vaquero" Morales

Andres "El Principito" Guardado

Jorge "Pechu" Torres Nilo

Paul Aguilar

Alan Pulido

Miguel Sabah


Senior Squad
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good start pal, torres nilo and paul aguilar need update in model, use blender, who are nexts? im making liga mx faces too, i've already made cabrera, riascos, ludueña and fidel martinez, maybe we can make a big ligamx facepack? :andrei:


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Thanks guys.
Yea i use facegen(special thanks to du_oro10),3ds max, and photoshop.
@coxlenox Yea that's the problem with creating underground players, not much photographic support for them :(, i'll try to fix some up when i have time.
@RobinVanPepsi, do you mean the models or the actual link?
@xavialex Yea, a ligamx facepack would be cool ^_^.
Also here is the arriving FC Porto Mexican player, Diego Reyes(Used Duoro's texture as a template for my Reyes texture.A bit disappointed with the ingame outcome,still pretty good though!)

Diego Reyes


Reserve Team
zyreq, the actual link not working... plez upload it again...

torres nilo & luis morales link : "The file you requested has been blocked for a violation of our Terms of Service. "


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Alright i don't know why mediafire won't let me upload those two files, mediafire is stupid. The links are revised, let's hope my cloud will not throw a fuss...