((((xto kits 10))))


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Club Supporter
Xtofher soy un gran admirador de tu trabajo, y me gustaría que te animaras a realizar kits de selecciones nacionales, sobre todo de los Asia, África, Concacaf y Oceanía. Ya que de Sudamerica y Europa están realizadas en este fórum.
Un gran saludo y espere que me contestes de manera positiva!

Xtofher'm a big fan of your work, and I'll encourage you'd like to make national team kits, especially of Asia, Africa, Oceania and CONCACAF. Because in this fórum is maden South America and Europe kits.
A big hello and wait for me to answer in a positive way!


Reserve Team
Please Xtofher, could make the kit of the Portuguese. Thank you. And is not that the draw Brazil and Mexico were in the same group? I hope it does not happen what had occurred in the Olympiad.