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Wait a minute guys...

Originally posted by Paco de Lucia
Unbelieveable that EA can produce masterpieces like Madden and Burnout 3, one of best, most fun driving titles ever -- can't wait to see it on next gen consoles -- and yet consistently put out crap footy titles.

They either don't any have any understanding of footy whatsoever -- street or real -- or they just don't give give a crap.

I don't rely on reviews in general -- but when this game is scored a 60 pretty consistently across the board -- something's obviously wrong.

What a black eye for EA Big -- makes the FIFA team look like near geniouses in comparision.

Hey guys, the developer for FIFA Street is (guess who...) EA Canada (yeah that’s right, the same guys who made FIFA 2005 etc). EA BIG is only the publisher, not the developer. So no one should be surprised that the game sucks. :kader: