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We (SimChampions) already have a 10 people signed up and are looking for more. Please PM me for details or ask any questions in this thread.

General Rules:
Half Time: 10 Minutes
Rosters: Online
Game Speed: Normal

If the match is tied after regulation, there will be NO extra time. This is for the regular season only.

Season Rules:
Schedule: A random schedule of 32 matches will be generated upon the finalizing of how teams entered into the league. There will be four fixture advances per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday) the regular season will last two months. The top 16 teams in the table will be seeded for a tournament upon the completion of the regular season.

Gameplay: Play realistic football (soccer). We should not be watching people kick over the top / regular through balls all game long. This is most definitely not to say you may not utilize those types of passes at all, but it shouldn't be a constant bombing of passes all game over the top. Play for possession, play the beautiful game the way you see it on the field in real life.

Teams found to not be respectful of league members and rules are subject to player suspensions, match suspensions (forfeit), and even being booted from the league.

Streaming: The home team will be responsible for streaming the match on the Twitch app built into XBOX One. Matches are required to be archived for Commissioner review, should there be an issue in the reporting of matches. If the home team is having connection issues preventing them from streaming, it will be the responsibility of the away team to stream the game.

Match Reporting: The winning team is responsible for reporting the results of the match, including cards, goals, etc. This is crucial for the tracking of stats, red cards (for game suspensions), and proof of matches when reporting the games.

Match Disputes: If you have a dispute with your opponent, please create a ticket with the match-up and your complaint with proof. Decisions will be made by the Commissioner to resolve any disputes.