[XBOX] I have edited my game, but to no result.


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Now, this isn't the Xbox live bug, my option file is intact.

I have done a season update manually on my game to co-incide with new season. I have edited transfers and player stats.

When I start a new master league the transfer changes show up, but not the edited player stats, (when I go to match mode players of course).

When I go to exhibition match, the players stats changes are there as well as transfers.

So why won't it work for the master league?


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^ Because they never did.

What you should do is:
• Transfer the option file from the XBOX to the PC.
• Open it with EditPESOptionFile
• Save it as a para_we8 file
• Create an ISO from the original game's DVD
• Insert the new 0_text.afs into that ISO
• Burn the ISO into a DVD

That should work...

If you can't do some of those steps search here or on http://evo-web.co.uk/forums for tutorials on how to do them...

PS: That is if you have a modchip, otherwise it won't work...


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yeah i noticed that aswell. i tried the same thing. there aint no way to change it. i just played on with the transfers done and the stats didnt bother me that much.