Xbox 360 Fifa 2007 review


Youth Team
Just bought my copy of the game. I had some skip lessons, so I had time to pick it up, but no time to try it out. :( Right now I'm at school and waiting the school day to end. I hope the game is good. :)


Senior Squad
To all the guys that had leave the tag here (me included), i will add to my 360 if you have not inconvenience, im sure that will enjoy a lot playing together.

Take care

The Mind

Send me a message. Just remember, we don't get it here in NY until Nov. 1


Senior Squad

do you have a mini review of the game? Anything to justify your elation? I hope it's as good as people here are saying. I haven't played FIFA since I was introduced to PES 2 years ago but I still pull for them. I'm not a fanboy of either. I just want to play the best game, period.


Reserve Team
I havent played fifa since 2003....I just got pes6 and my bro getting Fifa. I've played the Fifa demo and a lot has changed in 4 years. This is a taster of next gen because look at the graphical improvements. They may not have improved the A.I to next gen level but they showed a lot more effort than Konami in their "next generation game"

I was really amazed at the videos i saw on youtube. My mate who dont even look at Fifa i showed him the vids and hes considering getting both games. I used to play fifa and i aint ruling out a return. Because I'm getting frustrated with playing the same stuff year in year out. Just because Konami know they have a few fan boys in their fan base they feel they can just modify gameplay and release the same thing again!

PES6 on xbox360 i'm a give that a go and give Fifa on xbox 360 a go. I'm definitely a Playstation man. But its good to see the next generation stuff. And see where both games are headed.