Xbox 360 Controller PC


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If someone could help me, respect goes out to them big timeeeee

I bought the Xbox 360 controller for windows (Im using XP) for FIFA 08, so I installed it and callabration test , it past. However when I start up FIFA, the game still doesnt recognizes it, it only has "keyboard" as the only device. Ive tried re-installing the controller but still FIFA 08 doesnt recognize it.

Anyone here help a brother out. (:/)



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ITS ALL GOOD, i was able to fix the problem. so for people who have this trouble in the future:

- install latest directX from microsoft website
- after installation MAKE sure you restart the compute

Concl. it should work.


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Thank you sir

Thank you, i searched for like two hours to find someone who had this similar problem, and while I found multiple people who had this problem, no one ever responded with a solution until I found your answer, thank you sir, it was bugging the hell out of me! Seriously, thank you! lol