X-Kriptons UEFA 2005 Clan


Youth Team

As you may already know or not X-Kriptons is a very young clan.
The whole idea came from the heads of Trigun
and Tenente_Maio.
A lot of effort and hard work has been given to make
X-Kriptons a clan with all the supports to hit success.

At the moment we are a UEFA Champions League 2005
Clan but we are planning to extend when the
new FIFA comes out.

Currently we are looking for players.
If you are fair and honest player consider you welcome here.
We pretend to not only be a Clan but also a school for players, preparing
them and building their character.
We have made some contacts with a few players and we expect good results in
the future for X-Kriptons, so hopefully you will be hearing form us.

Wondering about X-Kriptons hierarchy? Ok, here it is.

Chairman – Trigun
Team Orga and Team Captain – Tenente Maio
Clan 1º Supporter - Karloz

Trigun is a well known figure in Portugal, he is an Electronic Sports League Admin,
Manager of Team Portugal and Master Admin of the Portuguese Portal Fifazone.org
He is also a player, been in the last 2 World Cyber Games in Portugal,
first one he was 5º ( Fifa 2003 ) and 3º on the last one ( Fifa 2004 ).
A player also recognized for his style, may call them “Cristiano Ronaldo of Fifa”
cause he is always does the crazy feet thing and for his fair play.
His former clan was 4Honor.

Tenente Maio comes from the clan Tafoda and he is one the most
respectable players in the Portuguese scenario.
A player that takes the words “Honor” and “Hard work” to the edge.
Tenente Maio has been helping the Portuguese community and
now hes is a part of X-Kriptons, good things will happen.

About Karloz, well hes the first clan supporter so he should have a sweet spot here.
Karloz is looking forward to start his journey in the Fifa world so good luck to him.

If you want to talk a little with us stop by one of our channel.
We have two, on Quakenet #X-Kriptons ( this may be empty at the
moment ) and one in the Portuguese network ( irc.ptnet.org ) #X-Kriptons.fifa

To see the website just check my sig.