work premit


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i have two players in my squad that don't have work premit and because of this they can't play, what i must do to get them work premit??

2.where i see my club reputation???


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You can see your club reputation on the information screen this is also where u can see where u are predicted to come,rivals and favoured personel. If you offer them new contracts they will have to get a work permit when they accept the contract offer then you apply for work permit and then if it fails you can appeal but if not then you cant play him.


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You can also send players that do no have work permits off to your feeder clubs if you have any that have "to avoid work permit regulations" as their main benefit. Leave them there until they can either get a work permit or get a dual nationality.


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i can't sign a player because he can't get a work permit. If i was to form a link with a feeder club that would avoid work permit regulations would the transfer go through?