woomar faces 2010


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santups18;2746791 said:
you´re arrogant mate,accept this comments,for progress you,need better pic,and work more on texture...

javier17277;2746888 said:
maybe texture is great ONLY FOR YOU, maybe you updated it, but looks not good... im sorry but we say the true... however, if YOU LIKE IT keep it as it is... but not much people will download it...

i want to keep this texture because i try many textures and all of them were similar to EA one ,,,,, do you get it now why i want to keep this texture ,,, and BTW i told u when you save the SS as JPG it lost some of the quality


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I know man,Beckham is a hard face and his face by EA is very suck,your Becks is much better(specially the hairstyle )but if you listen to the others's advice the face will be better :)...However,you can make your own decision(finish or update it)
P/S: I like this face xD


Youth Team
update on beckham texture ,, ( the same texture but i've changed the color ) i hope its better



comments please :)