wireless networking...


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i wanna setup a wireless network but i'm afraid it's gonna cost too much... i have two comps that are currently hooked up to my cable modem so how much would it cost to upgrade to wireless? i'm really on a tight budget right now so what i really need to know is:

what do i need? a wireless cable modem and a wireless network card or is there more...
an estimate of all costs?

if u got more than one computer, you'd need a router and a few network cards ;)

if u go for a cheap brand, check for the speeds :p We almost bought a combo with a max speed of 100kb :/


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sorry, but i just really dont like wireless, you can get interference and it can be ALOT slower


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ehh yeh i heard... i guess i'm just gonna have to call my cable company to come over and re-configure the wiring................ :rolleyes: