windows hotfix wha?


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in my add or remove programs list i have a ****load of these "windows hotfix" queries and it's really buggin' cuz i don't know if it's all legit and it's makin' it look all cluttered.

i was thinkin' about removing all of 'em.. would it be safe to? :confused:


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no, u should not remove them, they r from updates u made with windows update, if u quit them, u will be taking out all the updates u made


everyone has them... don't remove them. they are the regular security updates.


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Originally posted by m3th0d
but there's so damn many... do you have all these hotfixes in yer add/remove program list?

yep i have them too :( well but the most important of all, is the one that fixes the problem in windows xp that lets the blaster worm enter ur computer. U MUST HAVE THAT ONE ;)