Wierd stadium problem


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I just installed a load of stadiums into FIFA 08, from the download index on this forum. Now, my game crashes when loading the match, if I have changed the squads. If I change my squads in tournament mode or in the menu, it crashes when loading. What's the problem?


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I have found a problem which might have something to do with it - something about covmap-40-1.fsh not being there. What is covmap, and how do I put it there?

Edit: Through experimentation it is only when using the Stadium of Light on a sunny day, the same as which has the missing covmap. So how do I put it there?


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How about uninstalling the Stadium of Light and then re-installing it? You may also want to run Save My Career by Rinaldo and as a final effort, delete the D.Squads folder from your ...My Documents/Fifa 08 folder. If you had a career going and then installed stadia and assigned then to teams, the db would not be in sync with saved games.


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I have a similar, albeit slightly different problem. I can't seem to get St James' Park to work with Newcastle United, nor an installed patch Boleyn Ground to work with West Ham; the irony is that, when I use a different club in those grounds, it works fine. Any suggestions?