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Wichanwoo's FIFA 13 Faces


Youth Team
Great pack, thanks!

Perhaps you could try Jonathan Williams from Crystal Palace?

He's got 85 potential in FIFA 13 :)



Youth Team
Kenny_C;3437573 said:
Amazing work mate, thanks :)

+1 for Jonathan Williams

It's always good to see unmade faces :) And the player's really good with 85 potential (and cheap to buy) in FIFA 13!

Plus he'll probably move to Arsenal next transfer window :)

Mad Man

Starting XI
wichanwoo;3437356 said:

cech, lampard, luiz, oscar, mata, torres, hazard


Used with previously I uploaded demba ba

oscar? :)

You're last facepack is awesome. I have some ideas to improve your faces experience. Sometime shadows in texture isn't suitable. for example

a little Compare between your faces and ohohohyaya's faces; in the first facepack of him, players are gold too much (that effect that he add to texture for realistic). but now that effect under control most of the time.

I've just wondering if you would edit Oscar a bit (model and texture a bit).

thanks for your great works.


Reserve Team
Friend,can you make a Welbeck's face,he need a better face in game, he will have a great future in Man united,can you make it ?