wichanwoo's Faces


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Carles Puyol in game

maybe.. It seems SG don't like to make the legend face.


Thanks for comment.


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Make what ever the hell you want
It's very nice face and a great map, hair seems great too
I'm just not really interested by puyol, yeah he was a great centreback lol


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wichanwoo;3883182 said:
um.. How old are you..?
My username answered you, 20.
I think I didn't put wrong age when I registered my account.:D

I got this when I clicked on any thread. Since the words cannot be translated in the web, I don't understand what it says.8|


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are you still fixing Gabriel's head size? wanted to use him in my madrid career,but his current head looks weird


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Hi wichanwoo big fan of your work. Just wandering if there is any chance that you could convert the zizou face you made for 2014 to 2016? It was undoubtedly one of the best classic faces ever made