wichanwoo's Faces


Reserve Team
In celebration of the remarkable signing of Roberto Firmino to the mighty red of LFC, I feel it is only right that you release your equally amazing Firmino face, Wich!
BTW, to you and all the other top notch facemakers on here....you truly do take this game to the next level :)


Reserve Team
IMHO Ivo's was the best Firmino up until now. It's a good version. But...

We were teased by this piece of brilliance over 6 months ago:

It's now time to let him shine.

No disrespect to anyone else's version ofcourse.


Senior Squad
I'm sorry for all these.

I catch a cold and my temperature doesn't go down 38℃ under.

I know that I'm irresponsible, by all means, it will be good if you understood me.