Why not doing it the NeedForSpeed-way?

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Why not doing it the NeedForSpeed-way?

So here is my suggestion for future FIFA games...

I was just thinking about, how it would be if EA would handle the FIFA-series similar to the renewed NeedForSpeed series. Three new NFS games will be released all together nearly on the same date. Each of the 3 games is meant to be for a own group of gamers, which is a good idea in my opinion. For example there is first of all, NeedForSpeed Shift, which is a core gamer's racing game on next-gen standart, there is NeedForSpeed Worlds Online, which is, well of course, an online game and last but not least NeedForSpeed Nitro for Wii and DS, a game for casual or younger players. So I just thought if this wouldn't be a good concept for FIFA, too.

This is just an example how this could look for FIFA10:
(NOTE: Of course, this picture shows nothing official, it's just something I made up)

The idea is, that now everyone has more variety and is able to decide for himself which of these game-philosophies matches best for him.
This model could also solve many PC-gamer's complaints about not beeing able to get into next-gen experience. Now, people with a strong enough PC could enter it whereas gamers with a PC not good enough are still able to buy FIFAonline, a current-gen game. Through this way, the argument, that making FIFA on PC a next-gen game makes loosing consuments, gets abrogated. In an era of online games such as WoW and GuildWars, it wouldn't be wrong to make a FIFA online game anyway, especialy when you take in mind that the asian market has already its own FIFA online. FIFA online could be either a free to play game, financed through ads and/or DLC, a regular no free to play game with annual updates (like from FIFA 08 to 09), or a no free to play game which gets a new version after 2-3 years and wich gets financed through DLC in the time where no complete new version is available. I'm sure, for the developers this system would also have an economical advantage.

I really hope, that FIFA will go this way in the near future. If it's posible for NFS, then why not also for FIFA?
The first step into this direction is already done with FIFA 08 All Play on Wii.

I for myself, speaking as a PC and part-times console gamer, think this would be a great concept!

Please let me know what you think of this...

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Hmm, it works for me...

But anyway, better this way?



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I am playing sort of FIFA Online now and I am Korean so I will explain about the game. This game is very different as FIFA 09(or 08 or 07)online.
This game is also exported to China and other South-East Asian countries. I saw internet news that some Europeans are interested in this game.
It's graphic isn't next gen though but gameplay is much improved. Its game engine is based on FIFA 07 but its face model and kit type is based on FIFA 08 texture. It has its own database file which is extracted from FIFA 09.

Also this game does not allow users to patch but users found way to patch. This game do not support utilities to patch so we are patching manually.

1. Uniform
We need 08's 1GK kit which is .fsh format.
2. Miniface
3. Face
You can patch no-modeling freely but you have to backup original files when you try to patch modeling. This game only supports 08 and previous version faces.
4. Turf and others
People found those files and they backup whole zdata and put new files on there. If you don't put original files back when you start the game, you can't play game.
5. Database controlling
Haha, 100% impossible. FIFA Online 2 service(aka Pmang/Neowiz)provides winter and summer roster update. When FIFA 10 is released, they update all database(font, teams, rosters)as FIFA 10. Usually roster update or team patch is not done quickly so many people has complain. There is one patch site about the game but usually they use SG member's creations or other site's file but they create faces sometimes but it is really ugly. :mad:

By the way, this game is not made for NG graphics, it is for online and some people who is interested in patches do patches and many people just play game or career mode. In career mode, you can only see your team's record and you can't see other team's result. You can change team anytime of your season and tranfer market is opened in every round :D Recently, they made kind of UCL and 32 teams qualify. The problem is that other's league's teams are always same. There are no relegation and promotion. Manager don't get fired if you have record such like 0-0-38. And there are star players which player's whole stat is over 1500, if you have many star players, tranfer cost is getting more expensive but If you try to buy a player they will 100% come to your team. If you want to release player, they just go back to original team and you will not get any money

I will say more later.


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this is a nice idea but i don't think that Ea will make it this way, cause it is a hard work to do.They have a management direction based on minimum costs-high proffit.
You're opinion is not wrong, but i get scared when i'm thinking at their next games, Fifa 10, WC South Africa 2010, because i'm sure that we'll have tons of unlicensed teams.As a matter of fact i think that the 2010 WC will be with around of 60 unlicensed teams....so(Y)


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silvone;2637697 said:
You're opinion is not wrong, but i get scared when i'm thinking at their next games, Fifa 10, WC South Africa 2010, because i'm sure that we'll have tons of unlicensed teams. As a matter of fact i think that the 2010 WC will be with around of 60 unlicensed teams....so(Y)

EA have a problem like releasing Russia, Ukraine and other countrieshave FAKE kits and many unlicensed teams since first FIFA. But in WC 2006, their kits were not fake. That is thing I hope. Even Netherlands was not FAKE also in WC 2006.


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You will cry when you see these awful SS from FIFA Online 2.
Enjoy! Do you wanna play this game?