Who's Rodrigo Palacio?


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plays for boca juniors, hes been linked with arsenal, reports suggest a 15 million euro deal has been agreed, is he any good?


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He's owned by three teams, this is what caused the bottom to fall out of a deal with Barca, they had a fee set up with Boca & apperently Banfield, but Huracan told them to **** off with it. One of these dodgy contracts they have in Argentina.

He's pretty good, former basketball player if it's worth noting.


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all you had to say its that boca player with the stupid little ponytail, and i would have known exactly who you meant.


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I dont see him coming, well at least not wearing the number 14. Wenger wouldnt give him the pressure and the expectation that would come with wearing the number 14 just after Henry left.


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PaPaGeorGeo;2362589 said:
I dont see him coming

neither do i, it's much more likely that wenger will spend $20mil on a 12 year old french schoolboy and say, "in 5 years, he will be the next henry" hahahaha :funny::rofl:

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Would be pretty unfair for the football world, playing in Arsenal when he should be fighting to earn a spot in a Serie B club. He isn't worth 1/3 of that.


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Dont think he's that overrated. Maybe a bit, but he seems like a very good player to me, even though our Brazilian club teams make some Argentinian fellas look like Pele at times.

Maybe that's the reason he seems very good? Hehe.

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If you are talking about Grêmio, the truth is that he didn't do anything against them in the two matches.

Still for that amount of money they could've got someone better.