which things will come back in fifa2005...


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so far there are lot of interest and rumour going on ............
but i just want to listen to the real story............

Plz inform us what are the things which EA will bring back in Fifa 2005............

2.In-door stadium
3.1-2 pass
4.Off-side button
5.weather selection
6.National team call-up..............

Plz inform............anybody:)
they are coming out with cc,
probably no indoor stadium,
they might have the 1-2 pass with this first-touch system they are coming out with. and there is suppose to be weather.


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CC and weather are definitly in the game this year. I doubt any of the other stuff is. I just hope they keep the features fro the Euro game in Fifa 2005.


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In their own inimitible style, they will give us a new option called the 'gamepad control centre' as though it was a new feature, to cover the fact that last year they er, FORGOT to let us configure our gamepads.

Maybe they will even let us use a gamepad that isn't on their preferred list as well, so the 4 I have here might even WORK this time.

Haha, all this **** about what the game will or won't have and they go and mess up with something as vital and fundamental as setting up a bloody gamepad! Sheeze!

Don't hold yer breath for a top class effort this year either, as every other year this game has some basic and fundamental flaws.

Over the years these have been as shocking as single player only for cups and leagues [FIFA2002], dodgy league and cup rosters and fixtures, uneditable console versions [the norm these days for FIFA] and last year's absolute topper, no gamepad config without a patch being installed, and never able to on console.

How about hazarding a guess at what this year's vital omission will be then?