Which is better.... Target Striker or Fast Striker?


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vote... Imagine, if you can use one of them... which type of player will you choose?

Target Striker - Toni, Klose, Trezeguet etc. [mostly header > finishing]

Fast Striker - Henry, Eto'o, Villa etc. [scoring machines, mostly finishing > header]

if you can only choose ONE type, which?
just state your opinion


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One of each, or one that can do both.
But actually, if I had to choose one, I would go for a fast striker, as my teams are almost always high tempo and counter.


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It really depends on the system and the match and the time in the match.

If you play a system with one striker with little supporter, because you're trying to defend in a difficult match, a fast striker that can create something out of nothing for himself is the best option. If you play one striker with support from the wings and an AMC behind him a target man is better, because he can head in those crosses and can drop balls for the upcoming AMC.
And ofcourse when you're trying to push in the last minutes of a game a target man can be useful aswell. You just pump in all the balls to him and hope he can either head one in or drop them for other players.

Mostly though I choose a system with two strikers, one target man one fast striker swirming around him. That way they help each other. The fast striker creates chances with his speed for the target man that lacks speed(mostly). And the target man can hold the ball up and play him in for the striker who will then try to blast it through the net.