Which club/team do u hate the most?

Stevi G

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Everybody hates a club. For me i hate man utd bt more than man utd real madrid and chelsea. Any player who wants to have his career destroyed should join chelsea or real madrid


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kp40;2717955 said:
yeah we're all weak and you're so strong, SUPERMANNNNNN. save ussssssssssssss.

Remember :

kp40 said:
Arnau, please give me some confidence. barca bad results is really destroying me, I don't know maybe this feeling is weird, but I love barca more than anything.

will hope and pray for my dear barca to get back on track!!!!!!!!!!!

This never gets old (H)


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Hmm, probably Liverpool too!!!
Not sure why, cos I like their fans, and some of their players, but I hate the club in general.

Apart from them, Sydney FC!

BTW, I'm an Inter, Tottenham and Melbourne Victory supporter. ;)


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I hate ManUre and R.Madrid...i was crazy last season when i checked the UCL 1/8 draw and saw we were playing against R.Madrid. I went NUTS when we destroyed Madrid 4-0 at Anfield and after that defeated Maure at Old Toilet 4-1... Very good times for me.(Y)

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kp40;2717911 said:
1 - Real Madrid
2 - Real Madrid
3 - Real Madrid
4 - Liverpool
5 - Inter

Hmm, interesting system of listing the teams that you hate the most. Let me use it as well:

1 - Manchester United
2 - Manchester United
3 - Manchester United
4 - Manchester United
5 - Manchester United


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1 - Chelsea
2 - Bayern Munich
3 - O. Lyon

you can see what makes me hate a football team..(H)