Which club do you look most forward to to play with?


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I dunno really... i'll probably go for a top class team just to get to grips with the new features and what not.

Then more than likely go for my home town team of Barnsley FC :)

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I'll probably try and wrong the rights and right the wrongs at Boro this season. :f***:

I've already assembled a list of possible targets. Namely a new keeper and a centre-foward. And a winger who can play on either flank.

I'm also looking at Merdsaille, Newcastle and possibly Millwall.

I'll probably test the water with someone big though, like Man Utd. I tend to go onto smaller clubs, where my mistakes can become more magnified, once I've got the hang of the game.

Just a shame that there is no J-League again. :boohoo: :f***:

Also, I'd like to see the French CFA playable this time. In 2006, it was selectable, but you couldn't take charge of anyone. Should be fun to play with a 4-2-1 point system.


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I only know that I'll start with PSV. I never know which team Im gonna manage next, so Im only looking forward to PSV...


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Norwich City
Southend United
AC Milan
Real Madrid
and if theres the Conference league avbalible
i would be Grays Athletic.


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Probably go like this:

Barca (just to get used to the new game with an easy team first off)
Legia Warsaw (local team when i lived in warsaw)
Melbourne Victory
South Melbourne (club i support in Australia, not in A-league, might try and edit them in there perhaps)
Man Utd (other club i support)
Sparta Prague (local team when i lived in prague)

and then, will try LLM with mighty Dag & Red!


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Brighton (H)(Y)

Playing with them in 06 at the mo, just sold Hammond and Robinson for £3.1mill combined whilst still in League One. But can't spend it as noone wants to come to the club :(

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Horatiu said:
I will help aswell if i can!

I will ofcourse start off with Inter, they will have an amazing team.. it will be easier then ever to win seria a.
4 sure....so I will probably play a season or 2 with inter then offcourse with Udinese (C)