Which club do you look most forward to to play with?


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Another one of those classic threads in the build-up to the release of a new FM. The question is simple: Which club do you look most forward to to play with?

Me first? Ok, ofcourse I'll begin with Ajax as I always do, to get to know the game a bit. Than when I got bored of that I think I'll start a game with West Ham or Juve maybe. :D


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My beloved Manchester United definatly!......

Ok, now i feel sick... :-puke:


It'll be the Mighty Whites as always to begin with but i'll likely branch into games that take a long winding route to Leeds instead of starting out there. The last game i had in FM 2006 (im leaving it alone till 07 now) was Perth Glory, Forest Green, Avellino, Villareal then to Leeds in 2015 :p
Will if my local team is playable this year, I will play with the,, then Hull city, then Real Madrid, and then after I will start a new club.


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Start with Arsenal.

Then go to Sevilla

Then to Sampdoria

Then to Rennes

Then to Leeds

Then to Barnet

All seperate games probably.

Seán D

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Start with Man U to get a feel, then try to save a team from relegation and then to championship club and try to win them the league.


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I'll start with Rosenborg as I always do (of course). Then I think I'll take over Valencia or some totally unknown team in Asia.

Oh, and SG Utd then of course. If there will be one...

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Being a Chelsea fan, I always start every new version of C/FM managing them, and it is an attractive prospect, not so much for the big players that we signed (Sheva and Ballack) because their ages will make them not so useful in FM terms, but to see what they do with the young stars like Mikel and Kalou.

The team I am most looking forward to, however, is Lyon. They were great fun in the last version, and now that the likes of Malouda, Abidal, Govou etc should have been raised in standard so as to be more inline with their world cup performances, it should be a really awesome team to manage.

Villarreal have always been one of the most fun teams to manage, and this should be no exception. Werder Bremen also look like a cool start to a team with lots of room for building. In terms of lower leagues, Gretna have got to be a challenge, with Europe straight away, Accrington Stanley also, looking forward to trying to bring them up through the leagues, and also, of course, those Italian teams which got relegated for their dodgy activity. Their players which didnt leave will also flood the FM transfer market with interesting talent.


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nor-rbk said:
Oh, and SG Utd then of course. If there will be one...
I won't be able to do one. I'll be very happy to have a little time to play FM at all. If anyone is willing to step in, I'll be happy to help with anything but data editing and testing.

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I'd be happy to help, but I havent done any actual database work since 01/02 so I would be totally unfamilar with everything. We'll have to see how it all works with the new version.


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I will help aswell if i can!

I will ofcourse start off with Inter, they will have an amazing team.. it will be easier then ever to win seria a.


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Yea i'd be willing to chip in some help if needed :)

I always start off with Man Utd, then onto either Brighton or Anderlecht.

Kibe Kru

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I wonder if I'll buy it. I only bought FM06 because I wanted to play SG Utd again (even though I ended up being a crappy player...)

Sounds quite promising though, and I should be able to afford it, so it'll be hard to avoid temptation... so if I do buy it, I'll play with Liverpool. Juve should be good, and I wonder what the board expectations for the penalized clubs in Serie A would be.


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Newcastle and then hopefully combined with international management after a couple of seasons.

Juve is quite an attractive challenge for obvious reasons and eventually will try a non-league clubs such as AFC Wimbledon/FcUM


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Manchester United to get the feel of the game and the matches, then on to
a foreign mid-table club (outside England) to get the feel of other leagues, further on to
a lower division club, and then a non-league club such as FCUM. Hopefully SG United as well.