whatta a bug foudn to help you score long distance goals!!


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i'd already mentioned this in another thread.. now i'm sure of it... i even have a replay, but don't know of a good quick upload site: so here goes:

in relatively open space, if you press the dummy button (the one thats use for self or team mate dummy or fake shot)... keep it pressed and shoot, what happens is that the player does a stepover (because of the dummy button)... and then shoots... and the goalkeeper is very slow to react. So... you can shoot from 30, 40 yards out... be well below the blue power are... and side foot the ball in the near corner!! i've done it many times in training....

what probably is happening is the usual ea style... remember off the ball... to make it easy to use it 'dumbed' down the cpu so you always collected the pass, no matter how improbable... well again i think the dummy 'dumbs' down the cpu players to allow you to dribble buy.. which is fine BUT they forgot to exclude the goalkeeper from this... so in fact.. if you do a dummy stepover using hte dummy button... and then shoot.. even if you're 30, 40 plus yards away, the cpu goalie becomes very slow to react!

if you guys can give me a quick easy upload site i'll upload a goal i've scored in world class using this method (though i've decreased cpu goalie ability... not by much though)


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no its not c... i can't remember what it is on the keyboard... it should be on fifa06online.com under controls... you're looking for the button thats used for the fake shot, or self dummy, or teammate dummy...

incidentally... its not doing it that often now.. maybe i'm not timing it right.. anyway.. when i do do it right.. it happens every time and hte ball either goes in... hits the pole... or if its straight to the goalie... he can't even catch it... but punches it away

anyway.. here is one of the goals.. its in fifa06 replay form.... sorry... don't have fraps or anything and too lazy to download it and convert the goal :)



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Didn't work with me... and I can't download the replay... I tried every kind of dummy moves but nothing worked with me...


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i see the bug, actually i used to do it but i didnt know why it happen.
Its not a 100% goal or even close, playing online its harder to use this bug.

But even so its a nice way to try and one goal out :)


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The computer scored a goal from just halfway between center and the top of the box...off the post and in.....the player did the little side-step and then boom....in....kinda slow shot ...off the post....in...I lost 3-2 eventually :nape: