What's going on?!


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Right, here's the problem...

I'm playing as Man Utd (no patch) and nearing the end of the first season. I've already won the league so I thought I'd go for my signings early, agreed transfer of baptista in feb, then decided to unsettle akinfeev and tevez to sign them. Managed to get akinfeev for 8 mil, done and dusted. Then agreed a price for tevez of 12mil but when i come to offer him a contract i can only offer him upto 4k per week, no limitations by my board and im under my wage budget, wth is going on?!

Same thing happened with heinze contract renewal, but then it went upto 55k per week on key player.

Anyone advise me please, it's really annoying!!



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are you sure you put him as a "key player" when you tried to sign him?

The board wont allow much for "backup to the first team" or stuff like that.

Take some screenshots if you're unsure.


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Yeah defo put him as key player!

Anyway it's sorted itself out now, seems that for some reason it made me wait til the summer window to offer normal wages again, strange.

Of course now tevez and martins have both been snapped up, luckily for me torres has just come on the market at 22mil, tasty!!:bob:

Thanks for the reply anyway tom