What Song Was Your First Ever Mp3 Download?


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I can't remember the song, but I remember I actually got my dad to go to this website (called 'TheMusicLover') to download certain songs she put there when she updated the Australian Music Chart every so often... That's how slow our internet was :(

I think the first song was 'Lenny Kravitz - American Woman', but I'm probably wrong, it just sticks out for some reason.

Then eventually I got Napster :p


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leungtl, who is "she"?

btw, like Gerrard17 I also remember it happening in Kazaa (I then moved on to I believe Audiogalaxy) but have no idea what song it was...I should though, since I only have internet at my place since 2000 :nape:

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I think it was E-40 feat. Ice Cube - Behind Gates, but not sure. I know it was one of the first ones, though. Downloaded it off Napster. Good memories.


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Betwen Slim Shady-Emminem and Aint nothing but mammals.- BHGFrom napster and it took like a whole day to download a single song haha


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Haha, no way am I going to ever remember that. :fool:

An estimated guess, accounting for the time mp3 was released to the public, could be Seal - Kiss from a Rose.


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Back when I first discovered the magic of mp3's there was only two ways to actually get them..... mp3.com, which only had independent music from artists looking for a label, and doing an mp3 search on lycos or a similar search engine and hoping you found one good server for the song out of the 100 matches.

The first song that I remember downloading from mp3.com was called "celery" and it was from some ****ty ska band. The first song I remember downloading from lycos was either "What's my age again" by Blink 182, or Uncle ****a from the South Park Soundtrack. It took me like a month of dilligence to get the whole South Park Soudtrack.

Napster was amazing when that came out.


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Run DMB said:

I'm not really into music all that much. I do like hip hop, but I don't like it to the point where there's a mountain of mixtapes in a corner of my room. Besides, I mainly use the internet for information purposes. I'd rather spend 6 hours on Wikipedia than waste the same amount of time downloading 100 tracks.


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wow...not too sure...but i think its Alice Deejay - better of alone...took like how many hours to DL...glad those 56k days r over...i miss old skool napster though... :)


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champdave said:
Too much Max Payne 2 :D

Damn right :rockman:...one of best series of all time, though only 2 r there but still, it was amazin n changed the way i saw/played video games

I used to just watch the credits just to listen to the song after finishing the game :shades:...it felt gr8 wen i finally downloaded it at 4 kb/s :(...2 hours of Payne ;)

havent heard the instrumental one though :(