what patch?


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ive got both WE8i and pes 4 . WE8i is patched with wolfs frankly fantastic patch, pes 4 has got the evo web english patch on it which is frankly a bit ropey. I would patch pes4 with wolfs patch again but i would be cool to have something different
Does anybody have any other suggestions on what patch i can use for pes4?



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be shure tha you have the last options file, otherwise you will have problems.

here are the files for the new years patch:

if you don't speak german, click on all blue letters ;)

here are all kits for the kitserver and balls:

there is also the european superpatch but the final have a bug with the masterleague. they work on it. in the european superpatch are a few new teams, based on the new years patch from fch but also two teams from austria and from switzerland (basel, zürich)