What is the difference between PES and WE?


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What's the difference?
I heard PES is the european version..
Gameplay wise, it's like the same for me..
Anybody know what's konami's logic for launching 2 very similiar games?


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They are the same game.
Just different names for different places.

WE in Japan.
PES in Europe.
WE:I in the US.

With all the confusement in the name (and more so if you throw the ISS games into the mix :crazyboy: ), no wonder they have problems.....


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One very good feature of the forum is SEARCH. Ah yes you are bored to do that but you are not bored to flood the board. I have seen hundernd of topics and replies saying what's the differnce. I bet it won't be hard to find. I have never tryed we but ppl claim it has better gameplay.