What changes would you most like to see in FM07?


Team Captain
I know FM07 will come out soon but this is what I would love to see in FM08... The option in the tactics menu to save a specific player's (player's not position's) setting in the players tactics screen (attacking, fwd runs...etc.) so then you could easily switch between two players that have different skills. Lets say I rotate between playing Cicinho or Sergio Ramos at RB, I could save both their personal settings in the player instruction skills and when Cicinho plays a game I would save his setting to his strenght.. to attack more, and for Ramos to defend more.


Team Captain
Referees in Fm already make wrong decision, dont they?

I think I saw it in the FM07 demo first, I beat chelsea as liverpool and Kuyt scored the only goal from an offside. Mourinho got mad and talked to the press after the game and I choose to comment on it.


Reserve Team
As far as I read, smaller teams should not reject millionaries as long as they're not rich. There's a new feature where the chairman can accept any offer without the concern of the manager, so, if the Chairman wants money, but the manager wants to keep the player... well, the answer is that Chairman > Manager :P

And about media interaction, you can chat anytime to anybody according to the blos features. So, it's most likely those two wishes are already granted. Maybe a BETA-tester could confirm this.

Things I'd like to see are "cheats", like the possibility to fix matches, dope players or "cheer" other teams (it's common here some rumours that, for example, River (2nd) will pay X quantity of money if Y team defeats the current leader. Of course there's no way a team should need "cheer money" to defeat any team, it happens IRL as a way of ¿boosting morale? I guess) with the consecuences it may have if you're discovered!

Also, some "fans interaction", at least the possibility of the "hooligans" to end a match if the team is losing heavily, or to throw things to referees if they consider he's ******* your team. Though sad, violence it's becoming each day more familiar and there are many points deducted to teams because of this. Other things about points deduction would be if you go into administration, or if you go bankrupt, it would be wonderful if the chairman could ask the FA to drop the team one or two categories below.

Well, those would be added I guess.

They had fan riots in USM 98 and the club usually got fined. :D