Weird texture error when creating own face


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Hey Folks,

was not sure in which forum-section to post, so i posted here too, sorry for doubleposting..
I had the idea to add my face to the game with Blender. I followed this (unfortunately in Indonesian) tutorial on Youtube:
. I followed this step by step and in the end I had a pretty good result. If I then want to insert the head mesh (that's what it's called if im correct) in the Fifa Mod editor, it is displayed there in a very creepy way (see screenshot). When exporting, I set the scale to 0.01, as requested in the tutorial, and also adopted all other settings.
Since I am brand new to Blender and the huge range of functions of the program is currently overwhelming me, unfortunately I can no longer help myself. I also don't know if the problem arises in Blender or in the Fifa editor at all. I'll attach a screenshot of the error (my face appears about a thousand times on the face model. Very scary)

I would be overjoyed if someone could help me, where I've put so many hours of work into it)

cheers Sebastian


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Furthermore i noticed that when i imported the WORKING original fbx in Blender and export it directly (with recommended settings (selected objects, scale 0.01, tangent space) it looks creepy too !
so that means there must be happening shit in Blender if im correct?