Weird Pitch Color


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Hey guys! I have a problem with this grey pitch.This happens when I change rendering_quality to 1 in fifasetup.ini(when you select low on fifa settings the rendering quality sets to 2 by default). The reason why I downgrade my graphics is because this is the only way for me to not have that annoying microstuttering when playing(trust me,i tried every possible "solution" out there). The graphics don't look that bad at all but the only thing that annoys me is the color of pitch.It's interesting because the grass near pitch is just fine in terms of color. If anyone has a solution to this or suggestion please help!
Here are pics:

Ignore the FPS counter

My laptop specs:
Intel Core i5-3210M at 2,50 GHz
Switchable graphics: Intel 4000 HD and Ati Radeon 7670M(the one fifa runs on)


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That's what you get with rendering quality at 1, change it to 2 or 3 if you want green. This is like last year when people complained that the crowds disappeared on low rendering quality. That's how they improve performance for low-end machines - by removing crowds and 3D grass. Try Gamebooster; lower resolution in both game settings AND on your monitor. Open the nvidia panel, load the FIFA 15 exe, and custom tweak the settings. It's there you can also increase contrast and vibrance to improve the color without over-saturating.