Weird Graphic Glitch? Please Help!


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Hi All,

So I am up to Moddingway 28.0.0 all updated fine.

I then went into CM16 and added three players from the legends database however I have unchecked the minifaces and specific heads as per these steps...

1) Copy data folder in your FIFA 15 main folder (Overwrite all)
2) Open FIFA 15 with CREATION MASTER 15 by Rinaldo. Click on Patch\Load\Open and select 519 BEST PLAYERS FIFA 15.cmp.
3) Import the patch with CM selecting all players but in options "Players" uncheck "Specific head" and "Miniface".
4) Regen and Save.
5) Play

I then added boots to CR7 in moddingway. Went back into CM16 and added the legends to a team.

Since then I have been seeing this glitch which has occurred only on the 3 legends and CR7...


Could you please help?

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This is caused by the face. Seems it's from an older FIFA version and not converted. Remove the face files and check again

It was the classic players patch... i did a clean install and it has solved the to find a legends database for fifa 16!