Weird Controller Issue/Infinite Loop In Menus, In Game It's Fine


Club Supporter

I just bought and installed FIFA 14 (PC) and unplugged all my flight sim controllers. All I have connected are my xbox 360 controller, keyboard, and mouse. I booted up the game, chose the language, set up a default profile, and at the controller setup menu I saw that the 3 choices are in an infinite loop, moving in an infinite sequence. All other menus show this infinite loop problem and I can't fine tune my settings.

But the weirdest thing is that when I'm in game, the controller works fine and I don't see any double actions.

My 360 works fine in all other games. I even unplugged the controller and with only the keyboard and the mouse I still get this infinite loop problems in the menus. I'm completely confused by this problem.

Has anybody experienced this problem? What did you do to fix it?